Flat wood doors installation methods

Flat wood doors installation methods – wooden doors are one of the most important parts in the home that differentiate in the aesthetic shape of the house, as well as its importance to achieve security for the home, and the quality of wooden doors varies according to the type of wood used, as well as the type made of wood differs, as well as the different type affects its quality, Doors and windows may disintegrate, and will need to be constantly repaired if poor wood is used.

طرق تركيب الأبواب الخشبية المسطحة - Flat wood doors installation methods

Raw materials used in the manufacture of wooden doors or windows:

  • The best materials should be chosen, because they are the basis of quality, and also when choosing apartment doors or room doors, you should focus on the types of wood, there are many types such as beech, mahogany, Al-Azizi, Sweden or Muski, and many types of wood.
  • But these are the most common types of wood, which are used in making wooden doors, and there is no comparison between the types of wood that we mentioned, and the types of ready-made wood that are sold on the market, most of which are compressed veneers, and therefore their lifetime The default is less than natural wood.

Sizes of wooden doors and parts:

  • Attention must be paid to the thickness of the wood, as well as the dimensions of the doors, or windows, and the dimensions of the doors vary depending on the dimensions of the apartment, for example the door of the apartment should be one meter wide and 220 cm high, and the room doors may be 90 x 220 cm in height, bathroom or kitchen doors, It may be 80 * 220 cm in width.
  • Also, the thickness of all of these doors should be about 5 cm, or 2 inches in the language of the carpenters. When doing the work of fearful doors, or windows, care must be taken in consideration of the width, height, and thickness of the doors.

Flat wood doors installation methods:

طرق تركيب الأبواب الخشبية المسطحة - Flat wood doors installation methods

  • Characteristics of the throat: The majority of people neglect the throat, but it must be taken care of because it is considered one of the important and very necessary elements in determining the shape of the door, as well as its quality, and also the safety factors are determined by shaving the door, the throat must be buried inside the cement, and it must be buried inside the floor This is to protect the apartment from the risk of theft, because it is easy for the thief to disassemble the calcon, because of the weakening of the apartment’s throat, or the door of the apartment in general, because the throat is not fixed to the floor.
  • The thickness of the throat should also be not less than 5 cm and it should not be less than that because the position of the calon in the case if it is less than that, the door shall be closed superficially, as well as its width should be 15 cm, and it must be confirmed that its size is greater than the length Shutter is about 10 cm, and the milling must also be at least one centimeter deep, so that the shelf is comfortable when closed.
  • Precision workmanship, latching, finishing finish, and wood door fitting.
  • One of the most important points that should be taken care of when making commissioned wooden doors is the workmanship of the carpenter, and for this it is necessary to note the seams in the wood, and whether these doors have been properly closed, or not? Also, attention should be paid to the differences between the wood panels, some of them as well as interest in knowing a method Assembling the vertical wood, is the base with the base, the head with the head or something else ?, Are there wood projections outside or not? In other words, is the wood tongue, and does the wood have paint or not? All of these things should be taken care of.

How to install flat wooden doors?

It must be first confirmed that the throat is fixed to the iron alkali and the nails well, and the alkanes should not be fixed to the gypsum completely, due to the large number of gypsum problems.

Wooden doors packaging to protect:

The majority of people do not care about this point, but in fact this point is considered one of the most important points to take care of, so after making wooden doors we have to paint them, wrap them in cellophane, or any other plastic bag until they are installed, in order to protect them from any wounds, or Scratches and other paints may fall on them, so we do not need to paint them, and repair them again.

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