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Couleurs de la Mecque dans les bidonvilles | Solution INJ ARCHITECTS

Makkah Colors:

Makkah Colors: The more urban development has increased, the more slums and old neighborhoods have been randomly established. Many local studies have been carried out through institutes and research centers to develop what can be developed. However, society is concerned with many determinants and controls of planning factors, and these factors are influential.


Saudi Arabia

When we talk about a slum area in Makkah and close to the center of the city, and it is one of the highest areas in Makkah, which contains 12 mountains, all built on the basis that they are settlements for the non-Saudi residents and is considered to be a poor urban environment at all. There is no better solution than remova
The word “re-planning” is not found in the architectural planners’ dictionary, and in no way can the re-planning of neighborhoods be used as a radical solution.
Couleurs de la Mecque dans les bidonvilles | Solution INJ ARCHITECTS
Then the solution is to remove and remove slums and to develop them until that moment. The quality of life of the slum dwellers has been improved. With the well-known Arab model, the slum dwellers will feel better through the process of painting the palaces with pastel colors and the colors coming to life.
Studies have been conducted in Brazil on slum dwellers whose quality has been improved. Their lives N by adding bright colors on the facades of their homes’ darkness, we have proposed the establishment of Mecca colors organization to adopt this side.