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Rénovation intérieur et design d'intérieur du palais IMK
Rénovation intérieur et design d'intérieur IMK palace


The interior design of palace projects is a very interesting matter for our architectural team, and we have done a very organized and structural work for the previous restoration projects, which ensures the best performance. From the floor to the ceiling, we can extract a lot of information and data for restoration, we directly analyze the data to the engineering programs And BIM in order to calculate the best measure of the size of the building and engineering quantities, the study of costs is very important for the palace restoration project as well as for the palace interior design project Then move on to the interior design of the palace, this is very fun and the combination of materials, colors and the taste of the owner, which should be a requirement towards this house, our experience through the use of an indoor pool and the restoration of the indoor swimming area is very important. We advise treating humidity and choosing The best solutions for tiling because it is very important for the life span of the building
Saudi Arabia – Jeddah
Rénovation intérieur IMK palace
design d'intérieur IMK palace
Rénovation intérieur design d'intérieur INJ ARCHITECTS
The restoration of palaces and large residential projects is a matter of great complexity and change, given that the architectural design of the palaces was based in the past on providing the best architectural form for a touch of luxury without great attention to maintenance and how to maintain the building. Successful buildings whose maintenance cost is less than 3% of the cost. The cost of its buildings annually

When we build, let us think that we build forever

In such projects, BIM programs must be used because it will provide the owner and engineers with a lot of architectural information and construction plans, and this is what must be normalized, and engineering modeling is one of the basics of dealing with us.
IMK تجديد قصر التصميم الداخلي
Rénovation intérieur IMK palace