Global warming in buildings

Global warming is a phenomenon of a natural rise in the temperature of the earth that differs from its normal range. This name can also be called high air temperatures than its normal level in the world. Global warming in buildings is a real threat to many buildings that are exposed to these The phenomenon is the buildings known as the glass buildings that spread in many international cities and cities in the Arabian Gulf, which are characterized by high-rise and known as skyscrapers.

الاحتباس الحراري

Causes of global warming

The factors that cause global warming vary to more than one factor, most of which are inside buildings through waste in the use of modern technology in these buildings, which increases global warming in them, and through the wrong use of natural resources by humans in buildings such as increasing the operation of air conditioners and heaters as well Consumption of a large amount of electrical energy These buildings may be subject to collapse.

The industrial progress and the large number of factories, as well as means of transportation, which were dependent on four times the fuel energy that was used before, and the combustion of fossil fuels, which is in both natural gas, coal and petroleum, which also helped to increase the production of greenhouse gases in the environment .

By increasing the green areas and reducing energy and fuel consumption inside the residential buildings as well as the commercial buildings that are exposed to this type of global warming, which must be reduced as quickly as possible.

Glass buildings and greenhouse

Through the proliferation of many glass buildings and skyscrapers that stunned the world with their rise, such as the huge buildings in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in addition to the skyscrapers in foreign countries where the quality of these buildings led to an increase in global warming, especially in buildings, which makes these buildings a bomb .

Where we find that these buildings consume large electric energy, especially the consumption of adaptations and heaters in a large way in those buildings, where the concentration of inorganic masses in small places may completely violate the environment of the place, so it is necessary to get rid of the greenhouse effect through the designers of these The buildings are based on the introduction of a large amount of organic materials compatible with these buildings.

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Reducing greenhouse gases and global warming

الحد من الغازات الدفيئة والاحتباس الحراري

The greenhouse gases that buildings are exposed to are known as the gases through which the thermal energy on the surface of the Earth is absorbed and the sun’s rays back to the Earth in the form of toxic gases and these gases may cause high temperatures, which leads to the explosion of electricity cables Indoor buildings as well as forest fires.

And by doing work to reduce global warming, the use of technology should be minimized as much as possible and replace this technology with natural materials and energy as many developed countries work to define World Environment Day to reduce global warming and get rid of greenhouse gases that cause many disasters. The different universe, where on this day no technology is ever used, adaptations and heaters are closed, and the lighting is completely closed so that a person can return to the nature created by God Almighty.

By following some important advice we can confront the greenhouse effect of buildings and is done by closing the dark curtains because the high sun does not run out during the daytime periods, in addition to breathing the natural air instead of running the adaptations and opening the windows during the night periods.

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