How to design a simple and small house

There are currently houses with a small size, but they appear interesting, and everyone feels comfortable in a warm house so we can offer you the best way to design a simple house and to learn more about everything new.

طريقة تصميم منزل بسيط و صغير - How to design a simple and small house

The main benefits of building a small house:

  • Save on prices, simple and small housing will provide you with keeping your family’s financial budget. You don’t need to use many materials to build a comfortable house on a modest basis without much costs.
  • Establishment and construction will not take as much as other homes, you will be able to equip your home in the least amount of time, and settle in a beautiful and simple house, and easy to maintain, the housewife will not have to worry about the large area of ​​the house, the house will become easy to clean, unlike the large houses.
  • Stylish choice.
  • Small designs are often very attractive, yet elegant, and beautiful, this will save you a remarkable interior setting in your home not only for yourself but also for your guests.
  • Based on the latest studies conducted on the way the Saudi family lives, it was discovered that the higher range of families suffices to live within a space that does not exceed 165 square meters and the rest of the spaces will be allocated to hospitality.

Building materials:

You can use high quality building materials, you can build a sustainable and reliable residence, it will maintain your home for a long time, and you can build a distinctive, simple and elegant country house.

Construction alternatives:

  • There can be a range of options for simple buildings, and there are many design models, which contain elegant interior planning, and many fun options for the whole family,
  • If we are talking about a home that you will live in continuously, then you will need many options for planning, comfort.
  • Based on this, it is necessary to amend the standards in relation to health standards, more than twelve square meters per person, and if that is a private property, that indicator will not be a great necessity, usually everyone wants to choose the parameters of his home for each member of his family.
  • An area of ​​150 square meters is sufficient for a family of four to six individuals at the same time. You can design creative architecture, balconies, attic and formal windows, you can create any decoration for your own house, to feel comfortable, and enjoy your home.
  • If it’s a small country house, be careful, and check the infrastructure of the house, so that you can spend your time effectively, cheerfully on your backyard.

Designs available for small homes:

طريقة تصميم منزل بسيط و صغير - How to design a simple and small house

  • Experienced and highly qualified designers can be used to provide advice you need to build two or more rooms according to each member of the family, the living room, so that you can choose between all essential areas, for your own entertainment, to receive guests, and everything that pertains to you at home.
  • We do not recommend self-design for homes, as architectural design works are the prerogative of architects who consider many technical, engineering and design aspects.
  • We do not recommend making the design and implementation task in the hands of the contractor, since it is an entity that needs regulatory support
  • use specialists who call home builders who are either architects or contractors who have passed a number of experiments and have built a specific amount of residential areas to build this task, knowing that home builders are famous in America and they have sold in building wooden houses only
  • Sometimes, in order to provide an additional place in the home, the living room is connected to the kitchen, in that embodiment, the corner kitchen will be allocated a slim-three square meter, you can separate that place from the room with a bar table, or a unique plaster wall.
  • Most of the time the kitchen is finished in a manner that is independent from the other halls, and a door is placed on the kitchen depending on its area, it will be from six to fourteen square meters. As for the bedroom, its area is also equal to nine, or eighteen square meters, and that will Sufficient for a simple home, suitable for a small family.
  • As for the living room, it offers specialists advice in taking 25-35 square meters, here you can comfortably accommodate guests, visits by relatives, and also enjoyment, and entertainment in front of the TV, for example, as for the bathroom, it is within three, or four meters Square.
  • However, you can also design the bathroom in another way – four or nine square meters.

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