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Our team dedicated to architects Design we passionate working in the type of the following project:

Our way of working:

INJ We always work close to the client and the project we have a means and a program dedicated to communicating with the client, our clients are usually close to us and create a productive environment for work, modern architecture needs to know all the details about the user and we must have a great deal of data that will We design it

Our studio uses a number of programs including:







Our team works on 3D printers as well. We can produce any kind of architectural output according to customer request as well as the scope of architectural project works.

The office has been driven by a quest for quality, with a strong belief that forward-leaping architectural production contributes to our well-being, and generates a sensitive and responsive development of the physical context we live in, broadening our imagination and stimulating our senses.

The portfolio of built work ranges from innovative town planning to public space sculpture, from interactive new public buildings to interventions within older existing structures.

The client base reflects the diversity of built and project experience. Ranging from Municipal Councils and Central Government, encompassing national and private arts bodies and multinationals to the best developers in Slovenia and abroad.

INJ Architects designs extended living areas in residential buildings, guided by the culture and climate of the place.
INJ Architects shapes interior environments that respond to very personal tastes and desires. Instead of simply creating objects and spaces for pre-formulated life-styles,
INJ Architects projects challenge our perception and trigger our new spatial experience, Each of them is developed from precise interpretation of client’s contextual, programmatic and pragmatic constraints.
With the projects and urban studies, the architects at INJ Architects intervene in the political and decision-making processes. They believe that architecture should not merely function as a design object, but also be a means to shape and change social space: “They want to make us look at the world in a different way so that we can also act differently in it”.