The importance of plants in the blanks for interior design:

There is no doubt that plants contribute to the enrichment of interior engineering designs, whether in homes or institutions, especially if they are coordinated in an engineering nature according to studied engineering standards, to give the place more joy and psychological comfort, we will learn in this topic on how to use plants in the blanks for the interior design of your room.


The role of indoor plants is not limited to the aesthetic scene but also has many health benefits beneficial to humans, and therefore doctors are advised to cultivate them to purify the air and improve breathing by increasing humidity levels in the air. Some researchers have advised after they have proven in a study from Kansas State University to put it in hospitals and patients’ rooms, Because the study demonstrated by experience that some patients recover from postoperative healing compared to other patients who are not in their room internal plants, and the study considered that these plants are like painkillers and work to regulate the level of blood pressure, which leads to the speed of their recovery and their exit from Hospital faster.


The importance of plants in the blanks for interior design


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House plants increase the concentration rate by up to 70%, according to a study conducted at the Royal College of Agriculture of England, where it was found that students sitting in rooms containing indoor plants were more attentive and focused than other students.


When placing plants in the blanks for interior design, there are important engineering considerations that must be taken care of when there are indoor plants in the rooms, you should be patient and think about the room’s climate and humidity and choose plants that match their characteristics with the properties of the room, you must take into account the nature of the room temperature and the extent of the spread of moisture and light in it To choose a plant that matches these characteristics, and the size of the room is also important, as the small room can resort to plants that grow vertically, such as ferns, for example, these types of plants do not need large areas.


The importance of plants in the blanks for interior design


In this article we present the most beautiful indoor plants and creative ways to use them in the interior:


Lucky bamboo plant or what is known as bamboo fortune

It is one of the types of the bamboo plant, it is considered one of the most beautiful house plants that can be cultivated, people love the strange appearance of this plant as it is placed in a clay basin with water and no soil in it, and is characterized by a spiral shape from the top. To take good care of it, the pond water must be changed every three days, and it must be put under good light and good humidity and therefore it is easy to take care of it and live for many years.


Aloe vera or aloe vera plant

Of the most famous plants in the house, it is preferred to grow it on the balcony of the house because it needs light and heat. Many plant lovers prefer to buy it because it contains great benefits for humans, as it works to purify the air from chemicals found in the home.


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Zebra plant

It has its origins in Brazil, and it is one of the flowering herbaceous plants, it has a beautiful aesthetic view, in order to take care of it must have moist soil, in addition, to avoid exposure to direct light rays.


Spider web

One of the most important plants in the home is easy to cultivate and care, despite its great benefit in purifying the air because it absorbs carbon monoxide gas and absorbs the materials and smells that cause mold in the house and instead replaces clean oxygen gas, so it is preferred to grow it at home more than any other plant.


African violet plant

It has a wonderful aesthetic shape, its leaves are characterized by attractive violet color in addition to its flowers, its origins are back to Africa, and it is one of the favorite types of houseplants for many, this plant needs a moderate temperature.


Lily plant

Plants of great splendor and beauty, which give the place a special luster and unparalleled comfort, in addition to its aesthetic shape, it also works to purify the air and absorb moisture from the place, and it can be placed in places where there are many unpleasant smells to absorb microbes and harmful germs.


Arica plant

Of perennials and reproductive speed, belongs to the category of ornamental palm plants, and it is one of the plants useful for purifying the air from toxins and germs, to take care of it, it must be placed under strong lighting while being careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight, as it needs a somewhat warm temperature.


Rubber plant

Of the famous plants, characterized by its durability and ease of care, its leaves are broad and large and may reach a length of 30 cm. This plant needs mineral-rich soil in addition to an abundant amount of water and light. The rubber plant is known to purify the air.


Ivy plant

An attractive climbing plant that coats the walls and hides the defects of internal construction. The ivy plant is characterized by its great benefit in purifying the air, especially from the smells that emanate from pets. It also helps in a great way to purify the air from the chemicals that result from the detergents used in the home.


Gerbera plant

These plants belong to the category of star plants, and they are tropical plants, as they have their origins in South America, Asia, and Africa. These plants are distinguished by purifying the surrounding air from the smell of gasoline that emanates, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen gas at night, so it is advised to put it in bedrooms.


Boston Fern

Boston Ferm can live for a long time. The best way to grow it indoors is to hang the plant in a basket or place it on the base of antiques and scenery. It is recommended for use in living rooms and balconies.



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