• CLIENT: Jameel Square

  • DATE: 03/11/2019


  • LOCATION:Saudi Arabia


Hadia Pavilion :

Hadia Pavilion, The idea of ​​creating a Pavilion to be a roof for all visitors and users is the beginning of the idea of ​​creating regular pergolas to be used by visitors and users of the building while standing on the site and included in the sense of the user It embraces a variety of activities and contributes to the creation of a distinctive environment, increases social communication and be a new landmark in the region. It also highlights the role of modernity through the adoption of the idea of ​​modern design and geometrical relations between materials and leisure. Distinguished p And a lot of others refer to it as the art itself.

It is no secret to everyone that the most important buildings around the world contain the features of Parmetic architecture, which are often out of the ordinary, and why they are used here … After 7 years of our work in the building we find that a new milestone must be added to attract attention, To get out of the ordinary is a duty and we find no justification for the use of silent umbrellas
This will not add anything to the building, but the addition of a billion will be different because the attraction attracts crowds and reflects the desire for dialogue and a cultural and practical atmosphere.

The architectural idea is this distinctive form of folding paper! We want the user to see this roof as a leaf folded distinctively and take expressive architectural curves to make the design appears differently from every angle. We have thought in the view of the top of the offices and what will appear on the extension of the sight is very distinctive and unique. It is All modern aspects of architecture, the material used is iron and the material used to cover will be light cloth if we are looking in terms of the form follows the function, we will talk that the function of this pavilion and social function, the sun does not shed on this place most of the time. The sun The strobe will be far from the Pavilion surface Wen.

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