• DATE: 18/07/2019


  • LOCATION:Saudi Arabia

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MABK Villa Al Basateen:

MABK Villa Al Basateen: Modern design of a family villa in Jeddah, on an area of 750 m, this modern architectural style is designed and based on neutral colors.
Using wood treated by weather, the touch of luxury and elegance is not without functionality and following green building systems.

Taking into consideration energy consumption, we observed the use of low-emission materials and carbon.

The beauty of the villas’ interior design reveals our team’s excellence from the first sight where you see the design of villas, let us in the following lines take a tour in the decorations of villas from the ground up. The rafters that paint a magnificent painting reflect the beauty and splendor of the interiors of the villas and, on the other hand, warm the villas from frost and cold. In the background, the fireplace, a design that adds splendor and beauty to the villa, ignites the interior.

INJARCH’s best interior designers design the fireplace.

When the villa building is made of stone, this gives our designers a wonderful opportunity to make interior decorations for villas that are quite different. Here our designers are keen to design unconventional interior villas and at the same time address any faults or defects in the building to preserve those original structures of a nature consistent with the geography and architectural topography to adapt them to existing life forms and upgrade them by introducing some modern villa design.

The natural radiant light, which enters from the huge windows, reflects the villas’ picturesque nature with broken white paint covering the walls. In short, you feel the beauty of nature in all villa designs. Interior designers choose oak-inspired interior villa designs to design many key pieces and two or three lamps and textiles placed in each room. To give a brighter image inspired modern villa designs.

Do not worry from this point. We are planning villas first before the implementation of the decoration. We also design villa designs to ensure you achieve what you want from the wonderful and attractive design you dream of because our mission is to design the environment that befits the villas and deserve our customers, through our designers Exterior decorations for villas and interior decorations for villas We strive to understand the needs and desires of our valued customers and painted accurately and clearly in their villas requirements.

We have an integrated team of interior designers for villas and exterior design for villas which have a long experience in luxury villa design, making INJ Architects the best decoration options for your villa.

Our most popular designs:

We offer a new way to design your villa.

Are you looking for some distinctive ideas to design your villa ..?

Our interior designers can make your dream come true, and you can walk in your villa before you build it…!

Don’t worry. Our designers have a design that fits the taste of each of our customers. We can accommodate different tastes flexibly. From our experience with villa designs with us, there are things that will decorate your villa inspired by nature, such as the introduction of copper in the designs of villas, where we have noticed in recent years, Copper in the facades of villas work as the copper designs bring beauty and luster to the villas without a high price. In this regard, we have a wide range of ideas for copper in the design of high-end villa designs and a more silent and warm modern villa design.

Further enhancing the outdoors’ feeling, for example, having an outdoor shower is highly desirable but not practical year-round in most areas of the country. To overcome the weather dilemma, our designers design intimate courtyards in the best strategic location to create bathrooms that give villas the outdoors while maintaining privacy.

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