• CLIENT: Saudi Consult Of Engineer>

  • DATE: 18/07/2018


  • LOCATION:Saudi Arabia

Saudi Consult Of Engineer Building in Riyadh:

Saudi Consult Of Engineer Building in Riyadh : this Article translated from Arabic: It’s an experience-based design of the Organization of the body for engineers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, holds many of the design objectives and forms of technology will make this block of landmark to come to Riyadh, that the form of tent and hat engineer makes a strong link with this form on engineering. Will be on the Commission and its staff to change their perception about the possibility of the implementation of this building , because the system structural practice system depends on the structure of the iron, as well as coverage of the glass slide immune to sunlight, which Bduha will contribute to the clean energy through the use of glass as a generator of clean energy in the building . The air conditioning system is the main objective in making this figure is identical to the function, it is designed to be very flexible, as well as to absorb the fresh air from the outside and re- pump inside the building. In the end, he was challenging us, but we are faithful to this idea, even if it was not unlucky.

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