preserving natural marble and clear and polishing marble ineffective ways :

How is preserving natural marble? Marble is a beautiful stone that is very popular in the whole world. The most frequently used thing is furniture, art, architecture and other beautiful things.

Marble consists of a number of colors and many of its special features, which makes it easy to be exposed to stains and potholes, and is sensitive in terms of acidic materials and subject to damage by some cleaners.

From the above, we conclude that learning how to clean marble is very important, especially if you own the marble in your home and need to clean it continuously.

Today, with our specialized team in this field, we offer you the best advice that will help you a lot in this process.


المحافظة على الرخام 1


The first advice from our company team:

To remove stains from marble to be cleaned:

  1. Try to moisten soft cloth or napkin with a cleaning agent intended to clean the marble.
  2. Then install it on the bug for an hour to two days.
  3. Place a plastic wrap over the fabric to keep it moist or re-moisturize it from time to time.


The second advice from our company team:

When your marble is damaged, you should look for a supplier in your area that provides imported marble cleaning products that are safer.

These materials are made of soft stones and can be used on almost any type of marble.

This is the best and quickest way, regardless of the monument and the illusion that prevails in the market.

The third advice from our company team:

When your marble is exposed to olive bugs such as butter or creams, you should leave this for a day and then after cleaning it with a cloth dampened with ammonia. Focus well on these tips in order not to make mistakes and then after that, it rinses and dries.

However, this should be used with caution, as we know that you love your marble to be beautiful so you have to deal properly to make sure that the marble lasts with you for a long time.


Fourth advice from our company team:

To keep your marble in good condition when installing, pay attention:

To put in a clean area of your home without making any noise, and you can search more on this topic on the Internet.


Fifth advice from our company team:

From time to time, use warm water and a clean cloth to clean the marble twice a year as an average estimate.


Also, read the best method for installing the marble correctly.


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