Quality of life in the interior design of the villa

What do you know about the quality of life in the interior design of the villa? A person lives in his house and there is harmony between him and all his walls and possessions. The interior design of the house or the interior design of the villa he owns expresses in one way or another a logical reflection of everything his personality is. He trusted him.

جودة الحياة في التصميم الداخلي للفيلا

Talent in the interior of the villa and its steps

It seems that the innate talent plays a big role in choosing the components of the interior design of the villa and all the decorations it contains but are subject to the same talent in choosing and coordinating all what the villa will be, so there are some considerations to consider when starting the design, including:

Determining and dividing the places of the villa: It is natural when designing the villa that we divide the locations of the rooms, roads, kitchen, bathroom, garden, and pool and determine the initial space for each of them taking into account the presence of some places next to each other such as the proximity of the living room to the kitchen and the presence of the bathroom at the end of the corridor leading to the rooms with Another presence for the guests away from the first, and that the modern kitchen is considered better than the traditional kitchens, overlooking the dining room if it belongs to the kitchen for the ease of handling food and drink, and specifying the salon and living rooms and the kitchen on the ground floor, making sure of the space It is suitable for each of them and determining the bedrooms, children’s rooms and the bathroom on the upper floor. As for the garden, its area is carefully defined, with ample room for the pool if possible, which contains a deep place for children.

الموهبة في التصميم الداخلي للفيلا وخطواته

Colors: In the interior design of the villa, the choice of colors appropriate to each paint is highlighted in each place or its decoration, taking into account the color’s compatibility with the surrounding pieces, furnishings and decorations, and determining which style will be used in each room or area of ​​the spaces, for example from He loves the style (Retro), which is characterized by two basic colors, which are black and white, which represent the substance that emits the rest of the colors, and there are many colors that reflect vitality and radiance in the place, such as the orange color, which is the sunset color, so it fits with some rooms such as the bedroom with its mixing with white color. Assa and some fashion accessories colors orange quiet, the color purple, a violet color Venasb some kind of nature tastes.

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Determining the places of lighting: The lighting in the interior design of the villa plays a big role as it gives life to the place if it is emitted from good taste so the choice of its location, color and consistency with the surrounding pieces of furniture and furnishings is apparent, and it is noted that the determination of places of lighting is an important matter, then we can determine External lighting, starting when entering the garden and its walls in a rounded manner and in all its aspects. Here, it is preferable to dim the noisy lighting, then at the door of the house, we find that the traditional lamp attached to the entrance door in a classic style takes a striking appearance.

Also, the lighting inside the living room is preferable to be normal and it is direct from something to the large entry and exit of all family members through it. As for the kitchen and bathroom, white lighting comes mainly with the presence of a small lamp around the bathroom mirror, and the bedroom prefers lighting with two options, there is dim lighting with Simple impression with regular lighting that can be of some preference and there are some small lamps on the ceiling and distributed regularly and elegant.

Determine the types of floors: The floors come in the framework of the interior design of the villa as a basic and important form, there are those who prefer parquet in its multiple colors in salon and sleeping rooms such as dark brown or light color or dark gray color, as there are porcelain that lends a touch of elegance to the salon rooms and the villa lobby.

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