Santorini Island, the most important tourist region around the world .. Why?

Santorini Island is located in Greece and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, so you know ..

Its attractive landscapes include quiet beaches, historic monumental buildings, white walls and blue ceilings.

This island topped it as one of the most beautiful islands in all of Europe. It came second on the list of the best islands in the world in terms of beauty, splendor and tourism during the past year.

Santorini island’s tourist activities are among the best activities that make the tourist do not hesitate to visit …

Its modern architectural style blended with the fragrant history and the ingenious architecture that made it an attractive masterpiece and an example to follow for sustainable architectural thought.

The island is characterized by many traditional villages consisting of white buildings fortified on steep slopes that range between 150 and 300 meters high.

جزيرة سانتوريني - Santorini Island

What made this building and this style take away the mind and mind?

Typical features that characterize a village in Santorini are: strong buildings and small white houses with blue doors and windows, located one side next to the other in a coherent configuration in narrow alleys.

There are many reasons for this strange and popular design in the Cyclades: exposure to weather conditions (winds in winter and intense heat in summer), the absence of any kind of defense for pirate attacks, the almost complete absence of most building materials and the typical feeling For a society that includes ancient societies. The small number of safe and easy places to build on places and protect from difficult weather conditions, has created this simple and complex architecture to fight for very sustainable quality, up to the emergence of tourism.

جزيرة سانتوريني - Santorini Island

Architecturally Santorini Island

From an architectural point of view, one of the most important characteristics of homes in Santorini is a cave cut in rock that is an extension of the house and whose job was to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year.

What distinguishes the buildings of the island are the construction forms and new classic elements in the palaces of the wealthy, which meet environmental restrictions for the use of local resources only.

There are comfortable piers such as those used on ships and a minimum of materials, in order to ensure a sustainable living space and the use of basic necessities rather than preferred materials.

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Black and red lava stones are ubiquitous; volcanic ash use is widespread due to its properties:

This material is sturdy, cheap and local. Wood was for the wealthy. Thin vaulted ceilings or vaulted ceilings and wide walls. The number of earthquakes requiring interesting seismic requirements and the shape of houses that have been fertilized by arches have made the island building style strange.

Weather on Santorini island

Santorini knows that its precipitation is poor, but collecting rain water was vital. This need changed home planning: little water was collected and directed from roofs and terraces to private tanks.

جزيرة سانتوريني - Santorini Island

Architecture and Santorini Island

Here it becomes clear that the architecture that was formed on Santorini Island was the result of the struggle of its residents to survive for many successive generations, all of whom maintained the same style. Who fought with all their might to get a better life in the most sustainable way possible. What the ancient residents did, and adapting their way to living with the natural environment, is an example of the perfect fusion of the four natural elements (water, fire, earth and air) and architecture are nothing but refinement of this creative ideas of the islanders.

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Today, many traditional houses have been restored into beautiful villas and apartment complexes. Looking at all parts of Santorini Island we find various examples of architecture, the challenge is that it preserved the local old island buildings and created attractive roads and tourist spaces that fit the shape and what is the island of Santorini.

So the architecture of Santorini is a great example of a building space skillfully adapted to a historically harsh natural environment and the product of a long struggle to survive in a challenging environment, which managed to pressure its natural resources available in a sustainable way.

Besides the attractive appearance, what should also be honored is the fact that the locals have adapted their concept of comfort and other needs to the local environment.

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A useful concept in appreciating the marvel of architecture on Santorini is by categorizing the four elements, plus one. According to a long group of scholars, from ancient Greek philosophers to chemists of the Middle Ages, the essence of nature is grouped through four basic elements in various formations and interactions.

The four elements

Thus, these “four elements” are represented by fire, water, land, and air, and each is associated with local environmental features such as solar radiation, moisture, materials, wind, etc.

Whereas the mysterious fifth element (“ether”) was somewhat spiritual in nature it is believed that linking the other four together is a catalyst for life.

Here is another imprint of Santorini Island residents who merged the traces of the four elements into an honest architectural language with minimal,

Thus they provide a great example of slang environmental sustainability.

Perhaps we should here think of the fifth element as the spirit and creativity of the local people who created a sustainable life of the four basic elements!

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