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Recently, the doors and windows of the residential and commercial buildings were reconfigured to have a new shape with a sliding property, and they have many advantages. They are formed freely, water-resistant, without a frame, and very thin, moderate visibility, where the visibility line in them 1 and 1/8 inch is suitable for areas where hurricanes are high. Speed ​​(HVHZ)

The characteristics of the fully insulated pivot glass door can be combined with the sliding door system, all it takes is gentle push and easily opens around its axis. This allows the current architecture of the room to be enhanced with spatial structures and space saving. With regard to design creativity, the pivot door system meets the requirements for a sleek, creative design, the slim frame features feature a visual width of at least 40 mm. Thanks to the thermally insulated profiles, the doors provide excellent insulation.

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Combining glass doors with a sliding door can also be used with any existing home security system, which means doors can be opened with keys, badges, or fingerprints. The multi-point mechatronic lock system ensures the utmost safety.

In cooperation with universities and research institutions, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions. Sound and heat control standards are met perfectly. The thin double insulating glass group (30mm thick) has proven outstanding performance in a wide range of climatic zones.

Insulated sliding doors

The electric motor allows windows and automatic doors to directly operate the sliding items with the push of a button. Electric motor allows simple operation and almost no noise. The drive is hidden in the ceiling section and allows the window facades to move automatically.

The thin double insulating glass group (30mm thick) and the excellent acoustic and thermal control standards provided by the sliding door technology have demonstrated outstanding performance in a wide range of climatic areas, especially winds.

Security Sliding Doors

The characteristics of these doors are anti-theft, fully insulated glass doors without frame, aluminum frame and freely configurable, integrated alarm sensors and acoustic and thermal insulation, fitted with laminated safety glass and additional security devices hidden in the frame. Alarm sensors can also be combined to monitor windows. Thanks to the combination of insulating glass and GRP partitions, and the multi-point locking system. Various inserts can be added to these insulated sliding windows to meet your specific safety requirements

The use of sliding glass doors in the facades of buildings such as large commercial malls, airports, hospitals, restaurants and shops contribute greatly to the process of dealing with visitors to these places and creates a psychological atmosphere full of comfort and familiarity and facilitates the display, sale and purchase.

There are several techniques to open the sliding glass doors. Some of them consist of two doors, each moving in the opposite direction of the other, and there is a type that consists of one glass slide moving left and right, and the automatic doors may open and close in a linear, straight way. This method is considered one of the classic classical ways in which each slippery slides In the opposite direction if it is double and the value of open and close is from 1100 to 3000 mm. Or just right or left only if the door is single and the opening and closing amount is from 700 mm to 2000 mm.

There is a way to open and close the sliding doors called telescopic, this type covers an area larger than the previous type (linear) and the value of opening and closing these types starts from 700-3800 mm in the case of a single shutter and 1400-3800 mm in the case was double and this type is preferred to use in corridors Escape.

There is a curved method and this type gives an elegant architectural appearance and the opening and closing orbits start from 800-2000 millimeters in the case of a single flap and 1100-3000 millimeters in a double-flap case.

Also available is another type of glass doors that are used in some shops and medical laboratories (swing doors)

And this type of doors is characterized by being opened and closed in a way that is opposite, that is, every door shutter has hinges on the hinges, and the opening is from both directions, for example, passing inwards. The door is pushed during entry and passes outward.

Since the main controller in the process of opening and closing automatic doors is sensors, we must address the types of sensors used to control the opening and closing of automatic sliding doors:

  1. multi function sensors : This type of sensor senses the presence of pedestrians and movement close to the door range.
  2. radar movement sensors: This type is used to determine the presence of pedestrians in the place and the locations of the density of those present in the places.
  3. passive infra-red movement sensors: Through the thermal radiation emitted by objects, this type of sensor can identify objects and determine the approach of the entrants to the building from the door to perform the opening process.
  4. active infra-red detectors: It is a Russell signals to receive (2) receivers and the receiver’s function is to identify the passers-by whether they are people or solid objects through the rays reflected from the owner of the identity and which the sender sends to the receiver (receiver) . It is preferred for use in revolving doors-sliding doors.


What thickness of glass is suitable for automatic sliding doors?

The thickness of glass thickness varies from one type of door to another. Generally, the thickness of the glass used in this type of door ranges from 4 mm to 12 mm.

It is preferable to install 7 mm thickness in the single doors of the Shutter, while the double is preferred, more than 7 mm.

What are the advantages of using automatic sliding doors?

  • Very great flexibility in use and maintains the life of the door because there is no direct contact with the door, whether by hands or feet.
  • The cost of installing this type of door is not great, but it is medium. It is an excellent economical.
  • The use of glass itself is a good choice for shops and stores because it shows what is inside the stores of goods and belongings, and also this type of glass (securit) is toughened and resistant to scratching, land and water.
  • Sliding glass doors do not occupy a large place like traditional doors that use hinges for them when opening them need additional space.
  • Sliding glass doors give a modern look and it is possible to draw and print on it, such as writing the name of the institution or the logo of the store in an elegant and distinctive way.
  • There are distinct types of glass, such as the heat-insulating glass, which means that the interior of the place is kept at a temperature and reduces the cost of consuming electrical energy.
  • Glass doors are easy to clean unlike traditional doors that are difficult to wash and clean.

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