Structural structures of cold drawn iron have their benefits and how they are used

The structural structures of cold drawn steel are numerous, and they are characterized by rigidity and durability, which makes the theoretical distinction an actual thing that is materialized on the ground. Rolling factories take many steps to remove the cold drawn iron from which the structural structures are built.

Cold drawn iron

Cold drawn iron used in structural structures is a product of previous manufacturing processes, so it is rolled, that is, its passage between two cylinders called (dolphins) to reduce its thickness or formation and its passage while it is cold, so it is called cold drawn and it may pass while it is hot so it is called hot drawn, and it enters its formation Carbon is low in its composition and includes some standard and typical specifications that make it tough enough to be used in structural structures.

Structural structures and their uses

الهياكل الإنشائية للحديد المسحوب علي البارد فوائدها وكيف تستخدم - Structural structures of cold drawn iron have their benefits and how they are used

After the iron is manufactured and cold drawn, it is used in the construction of structural structures that we see day and night in all places, public and private projects, so you need cold drawn iron to be of the required quality and durability. The types of structural structures are the following:

Residential structures: such as buildings, residential units, and villas, where live loads are few, so they are within the range of 300 kg / m flat, and the occupancy rate of individuals is low.

Commercial structures: They are among the structural structures that serve a lot of individuals, so there will be a state of trade, sale and purchase through it through the commercial centers, shops and multiple commercial markets, which usually combines all of this in one huge building as a large and distinguished commercial market.

Industrial structures: Industrial structures are constructed such as factories and workshops, and the percentage of live loads in them ranges between 400: 500 kg / m flat, and they may be of the mineral types only, which are characterized by some advantages. Realized advantages.

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Structural benefits

These structures are among the most extant structures around the world and their benefits vary, including:

Solidity and durability: The structural structures are considered solid to allow the bearing of large loads, which are represented in many of them, such as towers and commercial centers, which are among the largest investment projects in the world and the Arab world in particular. Cold drawn iron is chosen in its construction mainly and directly with many concrete materials that It works to stabilize the building and find a balance and strength between its parts.

Distribution of loads: the loads are distributed in the structural structures that are represented in the live loads and dead loads. The construction loads originally mean the force that affects the facility and all the loads are taken into consideration from the start and when the structure is designed and whether its nature is fixed or mobile, whereas the live loads are those loads that The facility is temporarily located and is usually mobile and unstable in the same place, but changes with changing conditions such as the movement of individuals within the facility or the pressure associated with water in tanks or the strength of wind and earthquakes.

Dead loads are relatively stable loads that are present in any place of the facility, such as machines, equipment, or fixed assets present in the facility or the basic building materials used to build them, all of which are difficult to move, so they are called dead loads.

The exterior luster: the structural engineering structures achieve a lot of visual enjoyment represented by the elegance of the design and the splendor of appearance. Many models and patterns of the architectural structures and structures have made many progress that made the visual pleasure a different matter.

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