The appropriate height for the ceilings and the appropriate dimensions of the room

The regulations and rules for the appropriate height for the ceilings and the appropriate dimension of the rooms are determined according to the desire of each individual and the psychological need that makes the residence comfortable, in addition to the type of building infrastructure that does not fall under the apartments ’pattern in attempts to set the height, where the height ranges between an average of 2.5 to 2, 7 meters, with these methods you will not face any problems in the process of installing multi-layer ceilings and the processes of adding decorative materials in the rooms.

Room ceiling height limiters

محددات ارتفاع سقف الغرفة

There are no specific criteria for determining the extent of the height of the room ceiling and the height of the room ceiling depends in many cases depending on the purpose of the room, and this is determined with the design engineer at the beginning of approval of the project in building the house, for example the sauna baths is not appropriate Choosing high ceilings for it, because high ceilings will lead to an improper distribution of the consumed temperatures, which leads to a concentration of steam on top. On the other hand, low-dimensional roofs are considered comfortable and suitable for children and kitchens, as for the halls and rooms allocated to the office The more remarkable in the case of the high ceiling.

Acceptable regulations for ceiling height

اللوائح المقبولة لارتفاع الأسقف

We also said that you have not yet set criteria for the height of the ceilings, but the main determinant is the comfort of the owner of the house and it can be said that taking a height of 2.7 meters for the house is acceptable in some way, which facilitates medium and long-term restoration operations. Making the 2.5 meter height will also be suitable, and the choice varies between people depending on different tastes, there are opinions saying that the height of the roof of the house makes it beautiful because it makes the rooms of the house more spacious, on the other side there is a group of people who do not like it because of the coldness of the rooms in winter , Which requires a lot of money to heat these rooms.

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Chamber Engineering

Experts in this regard initially plan for the building in order to choose the appropriate height for the ceilings, and the opinion of many experts converges when making the ceiling rise from 2,6 to 3 meters, as public houses do not need high ceilings in height because they usually consist of simple rooms It does not have a large number of home furnishings, as the usual summer homes with small rooms will have a decent height of 2.6 meters while maintaining the annual periodic maintenance of the house.

And if you are planning for children’s bedrooms, it is necessary to provide a place for a family consisting of more than one floor, in order to be suitable for the needs of some rooms, especially the children’s rooms.

It is better to have large and spacious rooms for living, which can not be dispensed with, especially if you intend to install marble, general decoration and central air conditioning, these things decrease the overall height of the ceiling about 40 cm, knowing that the ceiling is an element of the decoration, which means that It has an effect on the general shape of the room design, decorative techniques, and the interior of the room in general inside the house, and general taste in this regard also plays an important role in the dimensions and design processes of the ceilings, rooms, and the home as a whole, and engineering offices specializing in this should be consulted for their designs and experience In the world of children And decoration, and not rely on old designs that have passed over a long time, the consulting office in this regard will print his taste, which makes home decor wonderful with its simplicity as well, definitely, in line with the needs of the customer.

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