The architecture of Los Angeles and the way of life of celebrities

Los Angeles is strong in its style and design. This includes great architecture. From the early twentieth century to today, the world’s most famous and influential architects have built spectacular buildings, homes, and structures in Los Angeles and Southern California, making the The architecture of Los Angeles style unique.

In any row of Los Angeles buildings, it is rare to see two completely similar buildings, in which you can find all the ancient and contemporary Western and Eastern architectural styles, including designs such as those we see in children’s stories, there are many unique styles of architecture.

Such shiny curves for the Walt Disney Concert Hall next to the sponge facade like the spacious museum, or the right corners of a modern house next to a neighbor equipped with temple minarets. This extraordinary diversity is, perhaps, a consequence of the climate as the warm atmosphere, blue sky and pleasant attitude that bless the city all year round has attracted a number of wonderful flavors and dreamers. Eames, Frank Jerry, and Frank Lloyd Wright, among many others, were drawn to the sublime light as they were inspired by it. Hence, Los Angeles is a visual feast, and the architecture (both indoors and outdoors) is similar to that found elsewhere. The range of designs to be seen ranges from large institutions and private homes – often taking the form of luxury properties – to lush sculptural landscapes, as well as exotic destinations known only to locals, architects and tourists.

architecture of Los Angeles

The Broad Museum building which houses a group of huge philanthropic billionaire Elie and Edythe Broad is the newest group to join the LA characters. The unusual facade is a white, porous shell, while the interior spaces are covered with precisely controlled natural light.

Saint Basil Catholic Church Although it is a model of brutal architecture, the building – with its concrete columns, angles, and violent glass windows – makes it an unexpectedly quiet holy space.

Or, for example, Emerson College, there is a box made up of student dormitories hidden behind a metal frame surrounding cells from the classroom and offices, all designed by architect creative

It can be said that the home of the famous designer Frank Gehry in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra is the cultural hub of downtown Los Angeles, despite its international fame, it was designed by the Walt Disney Concert Hall

And the mention worth mentioning wherever you mention the Los Angeles architectural style associated with the name of the famous Frank Gehry is home to international architects and contemporary innovators.

The architectural style in Los Angeles is characterized by 16 architectural styles, we mention the most important of them:


The word “Victorian” actually refers to the era of Queen Victoria’s reign, which lasted from 1837 to 1901, and includes a wide range of methods and patterns prevalent today in neighborhoods such as Angelino Heights or West. Among these Victorian styles:

Queen Anne: Queen Anis is the most abundant of all Victorian styles, asymmetrical, and often characterized by towers, round or octagonal rooms, elaborate spindle work, aberrations, and carved stones

Eastlake structures are one to two floors, have steep surfaces with gables, rectangular windows, ornate arches, elaborate cladding with curved woods and curved wood arches over doorways.

Folk Generally similar and relatively ordinary working-class and middle-class homes, popular Victorians were built using striped books published by architectural firms. Its features include gable roofs and front porches decorated with prefabricated stones.


The arts and crafts movement, which originated in England, arose on unity with nature and precious handmade details. Distinctive features of crafts huts include low ceilings, full or suspended ceilings, hanging eaves, shaded balconies, spacious woodwork, and double-hung windows.

Fine arts

Beaux Arts in the downtown temples of commerce, finance, and law are a classic style with Greek-Roman elements: columns, arches, vaults, and domes. The buildings were constructed of high-quality materials such as limestone, while their undergarments wore the admiration of marble, mahogany, alabaster, terrazzo, bronze and brass. The exterior decoration includes sculptures decorated with tiles and glazed clay tiles.

Revive the mission

Affected by Franciscan Alta California missions, these buildings feature low ceilings with red clay tiles, stucco exterior facades, arches, and mission-style umbrellas.


It is named after the Spanish architect Jose Benito de Choregoira dating from the 18th century, and the Churrigueresque architecture features a very sculpted decoration. Dreaded to inspire in the observer, detailed and structural stuccos of Churrigueresque buildings are often characterized by broken parts, inverted columns, scrolls, flowers, and a layer on a layer of curved surfaces.

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