The classic design of the palace
Should the design of the palace be part of classic architectural elements only?

The classic design of the palace – Classical architecture is one of the favorite designs of many when choosing a palace design, but at the present time modern architecture with its international designs has entered its modern styles in designing palaces in a stunning and attractive way.

Classical architecture

Classical architecture: it is a type of art and architecture inspired by ancient authentic heritage, Greek and Roman architecture since the Renaissance, and after various types of architecture were overwhelmed during the last century, classic architecture returned again during the mid-eighteenth century, which is a basic rule and reference for all those interested in architecture .

The design of Classical architectural

Architectural design has a role in achieving the idea or message of design, or aesthetic art and architectural work, which passes through several stages, starting from planning on paper to completion of construction, and classic architectural design is from the oldest architectural style, and is characterized by high taste and sophistication, and there is a harmony between colors Furniture The facade of the palace may express its interior design or differ from it, and the classic design is characterized by multiple motifs, and the many decorations that add luxury to the palace.

The neoclassical design of the palace

التصميم الكلاسيكي للقصر - The classic design of the palace

Modern classic design is inspired by classical antiquity, and spread more during the twentieth century in England and France and by talking about England the popular style has spread, while France has spread through French students who had studied in Europe, and includes schools and similar methods, in which work is done to reduce the decoration Used, and simplicity, in order to focus on the beauty of spaces and materials, as well as the design depends on the use of modern materials and methods such as: concrete blocks and iron trusses; in order to enjoy wide spaces devoid of columns.

Also, exploiting the beauty of the building’s exterior view, by placing a large percentage of glass in order to see from the inside, which prevents seeing from outside the building into it, and relying on reducing the walls inside the building to appear as a single space for a more simple design, comfort and use of engineering shapes and control , And the great size and the predominance of white color on most of the walls.

Should the palace design be part of classic architectural elements only?

Classical design is known for its sophistication and high taste starting with details such as: types of fabrics up to the pieces of furniture, which help to show the classic spirit clearly, and begins to talk about the entrance, because it is the inner façade of the palace, it should be very simple and free of furniture, And attention to highlighting the decoration on the walls, ceiling and floor without the need to add any other element.

The second step: when designing a palace with a classic feel is to take care of cutting furniture very strongly, especially the dedicated reception room to receive guests and of course the curtains and tables are all important elements to highlight the classic spirit through the colors and materials selected.

To get a luxurious classic palace, chandeliers and chandeliers should show the beauty of the ceilings, and they should be of color in harmony with the furniture. As for the interior of the rooms, the fabrics should be of high quality, such as silk or cotton.

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Speaking of the palace, attention should be given to luxury, and there should be a full dressing room only with classic décor, and a large space to accommodate shoes and clothes, and everything related to the external appearance of the person, and to contain a large mirror.

And speaking of luxury, the bedroom should have a huge TV screen, and it should have a private royal bathroom of golden mosaic tiles, it includes a royal marble bathtub and Jacuzzi, and it contains many windows; to enjoy the green outside view a huge mirror; for a wider beauty.

As for the living room, it must have a very elegant marble floor that eliminates the need for any carpets, so as not to reduce its splendor and luxury, as well as dim lighting and comfortable furniture of a classic nature in harmony with all the rooms of the palace, and you can add an element of an ancient nature such as: an ancient gramafone from For a special atmosphere.

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