The elements that make tourist resort design so beautiful

The design of tourist resorts or chalets is the distribution of the elements available to us on a specific program, which makes the design of the chalet or resort very beautiful, according to certain rules that he knows, and is interested in many people interested in studying coordination, or nature pictures in general.

Conditions to be met in the tourist resort or chalet:

العناصر التي تجعل تصميم الشاليه في غاية الجمال - The elements that make the tourist resort design so beautiful

Tourist resorts and chalets must have special conditions besides the recreational services provided by the tourist resorts, in order to achieve high investment gains and achieve economic prosperity, so the designers of tourist resorts are interested in giving a distinctive architectural form to the resort, in order to leave a picture that the tourist always remembers.

The installations must also suit the nature of the site, which must be simulated by nature, and each site must have its own features, as well as a distinctive architectural form that distinguishes it from other resorts.

Here are the main factors that influence the design of the tourist resort or chalet:

  1. The geographical location of the place, and away from crowds.
  2. Stay away from work areas and a daily routine.
  3. Openness and contact with other societies and getting to know the traditions and customs of the residents of the region, which differ from one place to another.
  4. The availability of clubs and places to practice different sports, as well as various activities such as diving, to stimulate the work of the place.
  5. In the design of the rooms, it is necessary to provide all the necessary services that the individual needs.
  6. The availability of a network of communications and isolation from the world, in order to serve businessmen, and achieve all the requirements of everyone.

The initial design principles for making chalets or tourist resorts:

In designing any entertainment venue, it must leave a strong impact on the mind of the tourist, in order to make him remember the place continuously, and we can achieve this by:

العناصر التي تجعل تصميم الشاليه في غاية الجمال - The elements that make the tourist resort design so beautiful

The elements that make the design of the chalet or resort so beautiful:

  1. We must take advantage of the geographical location, and make the best use of it.
  2. A plan must be drawn up to continuously improve the venue’s services.
  3. Exploiting any existing natural resource.
  4. Providing all means of communication with different cultures.

Note: There are no fixed rules suitable for designing tourist resorts or chalets, due to the different tastes and thinking of each designer.

The necessary foundations that the designer may use in making tourist resort designs:

  • Direct contact with nature:

The means of communication differ, as the connection may be physical, by giving an opportunity to the person to touch the natural elements surrounding it such as: trees, flowers, or rocks, and the communication may be moral or visible, by designing a panoramic view that people see from the windows of the rooms or balconies.

Both visual and material contact may sometimes meet, and in some resorts, its designers prefer that natural elements extend within the resort taking into account the general view of the resort, whether it is a sea, a mountain or a park, where it is preferable if a mountain is to have all its openings from outside Not from the inside.

  • Choose the general design of the site:

This is done by embodying the installations, buildings and voids that exist on the site, in order to achieve the benefit of all the components of the site. Before designing the site, we must take care of the following, in order to make the design of the chalet or tourist resort very beautiful:

  1. We care about the location of the place, and that is one of the most important factors for the resort’s success or failure, so the place must be easy to reach, as well as the relationship of the place and its proximity or distance from the airports or port.
  2. We study relationships in it, especially functional relationships, by paying attention to many different jobs, such as caring for parking spaces and public services, as well as the relationship of the site to water bodies and green, and others ..
  3. We are interested in studying the main and secondary road networks, as well as pedestrian areas, and they should be removed from the road.
  4. We are interested in studying the visual formation of the site, by studying the relationship between the existing buildings and spaces, as well as paying attention to the furniture of the place and choosing it from the purest and finest pieces that comfort the eye, there is no doubt that simplicity is a measure of comfort.

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