The importance of parametric design in architecture

Architecture is based on modern technology in construction, a design known recently as Parametric Design that has been used in many buildings and designs without a human intervention in it has recently emerged.

Definition of parametric design

تعريف التصميم البارامتري - Definition of parametric design

It is a new system that appeared in the architectural and interior design, based on information and works by entering the information that was specified for the building to be created by computer and technology, the information is entered from the length, height, weight, width and codes so that the object can be identified accurately.

What are the characteristics of parametric design

  • He deals with figures such as Grass Hopper and Maya by means of programs that are dedicated to working on them, and he understands systems with a complex structure that was previously difficult to understand.
  • It has the ability to adjust the design parts even after they are done automatically.
  • Save time and effort on manual layering.
  • Designers can study the relationships between the basic aspects of actual construction, manufacturing techniques, and structural design.
  • It can become a dynamic design, as it can be an interior or exterior design when it is adopted in dynamic designs.
  • It was considered a sustainable design as it is considered an integrated design and each component is responsible for the success of the design, all this through the principle of reuse and recycling.
  • It is easy to disassemble, install, switch, and durability.
  • It is characterized by the fact that each material can be used in its composition, as it depends on the iterative unit.
  • Assist the designer in developing the architecture further by choosing colors, shapes and symbols with ease and strain.

The importance of parametric design in architecture

أهمية التصميم البارامتري في العمارة

Parametric design is a modern style that combines sculpture and architecture. Parametric style is composed of smooth flowing lines like fabric, which gives the design a unique shape that attracts attention.

It highlights other styles of design that were unrealistic in the past and that no one could achieve. Architecture became sophisticated and renewed, relying on the parametric system to draw attention and create unique art.

All architects aim to design something that depends on the latest developments, so the engineer begins to master the tools developed in the work of animation and modern technology, and so many of them have relied on parametric design, so architecture has become a separate aspect, and the demand for it has become more and more intensive every day from what has already become The most popular.

After deepening its use, a lot of work was done that attracted attention to increase the demand for it. For example, there is a wall that can be used as a seat at the same time, and also made tables that can be used as small cabinets to form from interlocking lines.

Now parametric architecture is what overshadows entire cities, not most of them.

Through the parametric design, new and different horizons have been opened in architecture, and porcelain has been used both internally and externally, which has reduced the importance of standardized measurement of diversity, diversity and emancipation of thought. Architecture and architecture to become a dependent independent part.

Technology has recently become a major influence on architects, so the importance of this design must be convinced, and this development must be kept up with the development of engineers, learning specialized programs, programming languages, and environmental analysis. The architect’s imagination is not limited and thanks to parametric design it has become more active and through it it is possible to convert imaginary designs into realistic with ease .

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