The most common interior design methods

This is a modern design and that is an elegant design .. The list goes on in describing the interior design of homes and establishments, the great challenge that many designers face, who must have extensive knowledge and vocabulary understanding to describe and determine which of the interior design methods is most appropriate for each facility. With an abundance of unique design patterns, it can be difficult to decipher any style that best suits the customer, home or organization. So the designer needs to be familiar with the multiple design patterns and has the ability to combine them.

أساليب التصميم الداخلي - Interior design methods
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The great starting point for an interior design project is to know some of the styles and how they differ from each other.

Modern design:

It is a broad design term that usually refers to a house with clear lines, a simple color palette and the use of materials that can include metals, glass and steel. Modern design creates a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture. The word commonly used to describe modern style is an elegant word.

Contemporary design:

Modern and contemporary are two methods often used interchangeably. Contemporary is different from modern because it describes design based here and now. The main difference between modern and contemporary design style is that modernity is a strict interpretation of design that began in the twentieth century. Contemporary, on the other hand, is more flexible and can represent a sense of currency with less commitment to a particular style. For example, the contemporary style may include curved lines, while modern design does not include this.

Minimum :

The simple concept is the common concept in Australia. It takes modern design concepts and simplifies them further. The color palettes are neutral and airy. The furnishings are simple and simple, and there is nothing excessive or shiny in the accessories or decor. Its simplicity is ultimately defined by the sense of functionality of every movement and very clear lines.

Industrial designs:

Industrial style as the name suggests, derives inspiration from the warehouse or urban upper floor. In many elements there is a feeling of incomplete roughness, and it is not common to see exposed brick, hollow channels and wood. Think of high ceilings, old wood and pendant lights with sparse functional furniture. There may be one or two pieces of abstract art or photography to add a group of colors to an otherwise neutral color scheme drawn from raw materials in wood and metal.

Mid-century modern design

The mid-modern century is a reversion to the design style of the mid-twentieth century – mainly in the 1950s and 1960s. There is an ancient nostalgia in the mid-century modern design, as well as some minimal elements. It was the main function or theme of mid-century design. It focuses on cut shapes, natural or organic shapes such as the “egg-shaped” chair, contemporary designs that are easy to use and simple ideas.

Scandinavian designs:

The Scandinavian design simply praises the life described in the Nordic countries. Scandinavian furniture design often feels like artwork, though simple and little. There are functions in furniture along with some interesting lines, many of which have a sculpted effect. Other common features include fully white color palettes and the incorporation of natural elements such as compact wood, glossy plastic, enamel aluminum and steel, and spacious wood floors. Scandinavian lighting, natural lighting, accessories and functional furniture are few in the spot.

التصاميم الاسكندنافية Scandinavian designs

Traditional designs:

The traditional design offers classic details, luxurious furnishings and an abundance of accessories. Rooted in European sentiments, traditional homes often feature dark wood panels and rich color palettes and a variety of decorations and curved lines. The furnishings contain decorative details and fabrics, such as velvet, silk, and brocade, which may include a variety of patterns and textures.

Transitional design

It is a very popular technique because it borrows from both traditional and modern design to facilitate space that is not “too much”, in terms of style or that. There is an attractive and unexpected feeling of balance. Transitional design may include modern materials, such as steel and glass, and then combine them with luxurious furnishings. The transitional design also includes relatively neutral color palettes, which creates a soothing and comfortable space that allows for a sense of elegance as well as warmth and charm.

التصميم الانتقالي Transitional

French country design:

The warm colors and flooring indicate a French country style design, as well as worn and decorative wooden furniture. French Country design may include warm tones of red, yellow, golden or natural materials such as stone and brick. French Country design can include combinations of decorative ceramic dishes, heavy linens and bed linen.

Bohemian design:

Bohemian is a popular style for home design and fashion. It reflects a lifestyle with few rules, bohemian homes may include antique furniture and lamps, textiles and rugs inspired from around the world, collection shows, and items found in a wide variety of sources including flea markets, fashionable floor cushions and comfortable spaces Seating when combining a bohemian style. This model can include a high-gloss chandelier paired with a durable carpet and a mid-century chair. Within the bohemian style, anything goes wherever you like.

تصميم بوهيميان - Bohemian design

Country design:

Inspired by natural inspiration, often using raw and incomplete elements including wood and stone. It may contain accessories from the outside that simulate the warmth of engineering and architectural details that may include features such as vaulted ceilings decorated with wooden beams or reclaimed wood floors.

Shabby design

It is characterized by an old-style style, but compared to bohemian and other styles, it tends to be more feminine, soft and delicate.

Often the style furnishings are either depressed or appear this way; the paint tends to be of antique finishes. Shabby Chic color palettes include white, cream and pastel. The light and wall lighting lamps are decorative and continue in the feminine atmosphere of the shabby chic design.

Hollywood Glam Regency design: a design style that tends to be luxurious and attractive. It’s an exciting design style, this design style can include some Victorian design features, including plush velvet furnishings and antiques. The color palettes feature a line.

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تصميم رث شيك Shabby

Coastal Designs / Columns: Hamptons:

It descends from the famous American seashore area. Features include light and airy color palettes with cool neutral shades paired with blue and green. The furnishings are often white or beige. The room can contain wood elements and are often inspired by the sea. Blue-and-white layouts of cushions, large windows, plush white sofas and painted white wood are common elements of the classic coastal / Hampton style.

A rudimentary understanding of the fundamentals of design and its methods can be of great assistance in establishing the ideals of interior design for every facility or home and the ability to define different interior design styles to evoke inspiring visions for a future home.

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أساليب التصميم الداخلي - Interior design methods أساليب التصميم الداخلي - Interior design methods أساليب التصميم الداخلي - Interior design methods

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