Time in architecture

In architecture, it is possible to merge the three forces of the world from time, place and matter into a merger that allows the formation of a wonderful structure to allow the knowledge of deep human experiences and possible from time to time literally and mentally time slows can occur in the presence of some obstacles and correct spatial conditions and this may provide medicine for our lives in our lives New, which is characterized by speed and achievement.

Development in society in architecture

التطور في المجتمع في العمارة - Development in society in architecture

In the last 200 years, man has been able to innovate and grow in a rapid manner and the development of machines, when that led to a huge industrial revolution in many areas to help mankind produce food in the field of agricultural engineering and produce clothes in a rapid manner to meet the needs of the growing population, and to facilitate life for people more able Man invented trains and various means of transportation in order to work on transporting raw materials and assisted in this mechanical engineering and transported them to factories in a rapid manner so that they could speed production and as a result of this speed led to overcoming the slowdown in production and benefited from this Speed ​​to take advantage of investment in production and earning and profit affordable opposite of it and replaced horses with cars and beauty airplanes and boats to the speed of the transition and there are some shortcomings because of the refusal of advanced movement of handicrafts because machinery has done its work and encouraged the movement to use products made machines and some of the manual.

What the technological revolution has done

ما قامت به الثورة التكنولوجية - What the technological revolution has done

The technological revolution in the last century made the transfer of information in a rapid manner so that they worked on making devices faster than the machines present in their time and worked on making a lot of synthetic materials in order to overcome raw materials such as they worked on manufacturing synthetic materials from petroleum and its derivatives in order to prevent harmful exhausts from coal Black as a result of its use as fuel for trains and ovens, and as encouraged by the large consumption, this development was encouraged

The relationship of architecture to technology

Technology has helped architecture to manufacture raw materials and computer-aided design, and this technology has overcome the slowdown that occurred when manual design, giving the designer the ability to work in a faster and more professional way by using the multiple tools that are used in the programs prepared for this design.

It also helped to work on complex models and new engineering shapes due to the presence of some people who want strange buildings to be famous around the world on social media and with the invention of the hologram technology led to seeing things with a three-dimensional technology which works on seeing the project as it is on the reality and the possibility of changing it in a way Easy without actually adjusting and losing a lot of money in return.

What happened to the time with all this speed?

Time is now the most scarce in the modern world. Despite the work of many time-saving techniques, we feel some danger that there is little time, so to the question why was the response is with the speed of the things we do we forget the time when we are making things that We are supposed to do it.

Useful time in architecture

Time is necessary for the human aspects of life, communication, and inspiration. Because of the continuous progress in technology and industries, all of this has led to a family spacing. Therefore, family and friendship should flourish with work and this works to strengthen the human person so that he can be given to work whatever he wants to accomplish his life and give him the strength to make sure this family is collected. .

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