Types of awnings and mounds and the risk of compromise in their installation


The type of umbrellas or beacons used is determined by the location, as well as the size so that they are identical to the place and consistent with it, and umbrellas and berms are available in many types and shapes to match with different places such as schools, garages, parking lots, swimming pools, villas, public or private parks, and there are other types of umbrellas and beacons used in Trade fairs, squares and corridors.

Types of awnings and mounds:

1- Arched umbrellas and screens: umbrellas that are light and flexible and are considered attractive and operate with a central mechanism where they can cover the area completely and prevent rain from entering and at other times they are allowed to penetrate the light.

2- Umbrellas and mats made of iron: These umbrellas are considered the most prevalent as they are of low cost, and are available in multiple colors according to the client’s desire.

3- Hanging umbrellas and mounds: These umbrellas are considered to be one of the types that do not take large areas and are characterized by being more flexible and rigid.

4- Umbrellas and cloth mantras: These umbrellas are made from the most flexible and internationally known fabrics (PVC or polyethylene) as this type of fabric withstands intense sunlight, heavy rain and any of the severe weather factors. It is also possible to print on fabrics and change them in different forms. This type of umbrellas is divided into several forms, including:

  • Hierarchical umbrellas and mounds.
  • Conical parasols and mounds.
  • Structural tension awnings and mats.

5- Umbrellas and mounds in the form of shadow structures: These umbrellas are used over long periods of time as they are made of materials that are safer and more weather-tolerant, and this type remains stable in front of all storms and dust and is the most used species in areas exposed to wind.

6- Umbrellas and mats made of wood: These umbrellas are considered to be of high cost, as the wood used in their manufacture is of high quality until it withstands all weather factors and is not corrosive and does not allow insects to grow, and does not allow light penetration with the possibility of air penetration well, and is excellent. With durability, toughness and high quality, they are elegant in shape and give an aesthetic view of the area where they are located.

7- Saco umbrellas and mantras: It is considered one of the most easy to carry umbrellas as it is carried with ease, there are moving and fixed umbrellas, and these umbrellas are distinguished by elegant designs of different attractive colors and their prices are suitable for all customers.

  • Fixed Awnings: Can be installed in large areas and areas, in order to shade a lot.
  • Moving canopies: They can be installed in places and small areas as they shade small areas.

Other advantages of Saco umbrellas and screens:

  • It prevents sunlight from reaching and blocks dust and wind from its location
  • Can be used in homes, villas and gardens

8- Lexus umbrellas and mantras: These are elegant and distinctive designs that are made of reinforced plastic to work

– As a sunlight and prevents dust and storms

– It is not stainless

Allows light penetration in a small percentage

Available in various designs and installed in many places

9- Glass screens: they are mounds with a funky shape, and there are many types of them, such as (transparent type – decorative type – ice type)

Glass screens are used in many works, such as handrails, in protecting swimming pools for children, and in making umbrellas to protect from sunlight.

The dangers of compromising the installation of umbrellas:

The ends of the parachutes should be installed well, as they are exposed to storms and intense air, and this can lead to their dismantling, in order to destroy the place and all that is near and below it, so it must be installed by companies specialized in this work where any negligence leads to major disasters.

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