Types of curtains and engineering decorations in the curtains

Windows are one of the most vital elements in the house that bring light and air, and they also make the place more comfortable. Windows add special aesthetics in place, and you should think about how these vital places in the house look to make them more beautiful. Therefore, there are many types of curtains, when we think of them through a decorative and design plan, they create an atmosphere that enhances elegance and arrangement through window curtains and curtains are the most appropriate way to decorate these beautiful places.

Nothing makes your room more beautiful than curtains! A beautiful curtain adds a stylish and modern look, and can work like well-planned window treatments. Like every aspect of a delicate interior decoration plan, these windows can play a key role in aesthetics of the home.

Window blinds add elegance and color to any window while maintaining great privacy and preventing scorching sunlight from entering the room. One of the designers said if you want the room to look more formal and comfortable, consider long window curtains that can sweep the floor or full treatments that use a lot of fabric.

أنواع الستائر - Types of curtains

Some basic information about window blinds:

Blinds are the most decorative style of window treatment, which provides a quiet effect and a wonderful view of the ambience of the room. A well-planned curtain and a matching curtain transforms space in your home that is vibrant and comfortable.

The curtains are along the floor or maybe a little shorter to cover the window only. They are mostly made of lightweight fabric like cotton, linen, etc., and they are mostly made unlined. It is also popular as curtain panels.

Another type, curtains are along the top of the window to the floor. They are generally folded and made of thick or thick fabric like velvet, silk, etc., and therefore, they can almost prevent sunlight from entering the room.

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Home Curtain Material:

It’s no secret that windows are the most prominent part of the home. They provide an elegant look for the room and decorate it with curtains that are sure to enhance the beauty of the entire home. Choosing the right decorations varies depending on the tastes of the homeowners.

Window curtains will definitely be on top of the decor list, window curtains will control the light and maintain privacy in the room. When choosing window curtains, there are several factors to consider; including colors, patterns, materials, style, etc.

The choice of blinds is a decision subject to the basics of decoration and design, and can make or break a living space. When determining the curtain material appropriate to the space specified, it is necessary to determine the functional requirements, current design elements, furniture parts and the space restrictions in which the curtains should be placed. The perfect choice of curtains can amplify the decor of your living room.

In addition to decoration, the curtains offer multiple functional advantages such as:

  • Enhance privacy and safety
  • Break the sun and keep the room cool
  • Avoid dust

Different types of curtains:

Cotton curtains

Cotton curtains are widely used in many homes and are a very popular choice. This provides complete privacy to residents but doesn’t completely prevent natural light, and it meets most of the home’s functional requirements. Cotton curtains come in a variety of colors, sizes and colors. Often, linen is mixed with cotton to increase its durability and strength.

The main features of cotton:

  • Cotton with a narrow weave can be used to block sunlight.
  • Clear cotton provides the perfect amount of light and air.
  • The fabric is easy to care for and can be washed at home
  • Pocket friendly as it is affordable for everyone.


ستائر القطن - Cotton curtains

Linen curtains

Linen is from a stellar-looking cellulose fiber. While pure linens are hard to keep, linen curtains come with a blend of polyester for a strong drape. These are ideal for places where privacy is not a priority, and linen curtains are usually chosen for public areas or halls, etc.

Linen main features:

  • Linen is an ideal absorbent material
  • Holds dye for a long time.
  • Linen does not form static electricity.
  • The tissue has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


ستائر الكتان - Linen curtains

Polyester curtains

Polyester curtains are perfect for first time buyers. Curtain-friendly budget-friendly design if you don’t want to invest heavily. Polyester swags come with a comprehensive choice of colors, patterns and styles that suit the needs of all living spaces in the home. Versatile material can be used across seasons. Buyers can choose a darker shade for easy maintenance.

The main features of polyester:

  • The fabric is impervious, slightly soluble and strong.
  • Easy to care and wrinkle resistance
  • Water and windproof
  • Give extra protection when windows are open
  • The cost is reasonable compared to cotton, silk and wool


ستائر بوليستر - Polyester curtains

Lace curtains

Lace curtains are made by loops, twisting and interlocking fabric together to create a delicate and modular design. The lace fabric itself is decorative and looks very stylish. The lace fabrics have the quality to spread the light and add a subtle feel to the space available. Lace curtains look elegant and are usually accompanied by other styles to give a warm feel to the living room. The curtains are available in two different types; handmade and handcrafted, and are specially designed with window scarves and headgear.

The main features of lace fabric:

  • Versatile, it can be used anywhere in the residence.
  • Can be used under heavy curtains
  • Lace is lightweight and crisp
  • Sensitive and requires appropriate care
  • Stylish and a little expensive


ستائر الدانتيل - Lace curtains

Silk curtains

Silk is a very elegant and luxurious fabric, it is elegant and smooth. Perfect for rooms, the fabric can be a real mood in the bedrooms. Silk requires very high maintenance, and professional cleaning. This type of curtain can be punitive on the pocket from an initial cost perspective but is totally worth it in terms of beauty


ستائر الحرير - Silk curtains


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