Types of upper water tanks and methods of use

Water is the lifeblood and it is one of the basic sources of life to live in this world, and because water tanks are indispensable, for this we will talk in this article about everything related to the types of upper water tanks to preserve our health, and for a better life, we will We talk about each type and its damages, and about the best ways to clean these tanks.

أنواع خزانات المياه العلوية وطرق استخدامها - Types of upper water tanks and methods of use

Types of upper water tanks:

  • White.
  • Black.
  • Overhead.

Steps to conserve water tanks:

  • We must first consider purchasing good types of tanks for water, as the material from which the tanks are made must be non-reactive to water or oxidized by moisture, and it is not capable of algae growth and the multiplication of microbes and germs on them.
  • Observe the tank’s coverage, and isolate it from the sources of heat and humidity, and any environmental factors such as sun, rain and wind.
  • Periodic cleaning of tanks, by emptying the water in it and re-filling it every two days. Maintenance and periodic washing of the tank must be done every period that does not exceed 6 months.
  • Take into account the absence of tanks near the sanitary drainage drains or the location of garbage depots.
  • Tanks must be painted from the outside with insulating material, in order to keep the tank body from being affected by external environmental factors, so as not to allow interaction between the tank body and the water in it.
  • Types of upper tanks differ according to their types, shapes, and their durability in water conservation and treatment to be suitable for human drinking.

Advantages and disadvantages of overhead water tanks:

أنواع خزانات المياه العلوية وطرق استخدامها - Types of upper water tanks and methods of use

Tanks with a white color are located on the top of the houses that use water on a daily basis, and they also reflect sunlight, so the water remains less than the high degree of heat in the summer so it is good for daily use, and most of our existing white tank has polyethylene, which is the raw material It is used in the manufacture of tanks, but one of its drawbacks is that it has a limited capacity, and it requires daily cleaning.

  • The black tank has the advantage of being more absorbing the beneficial sunlight and shining it, thereby helping to limit the growth and spread of fungi in tanks, and we do not need to clean it daily.
  • Moving water tanks There are types of tanks that are in the shape of the car, and the size will be similar to the capacity of the car, and this design gives it safety to transport water, and there are types that suit the trailer, as it is fixed with metal legs and strong supports, to bear weight.

Water tank cleaning methods:

  • The first method, the manual method:

The valves that are the source of water for the tank must be closed, and the water faucet opens at home until the water is largely emptied, then we leave a little water in the tank, and we turn it with a wooden stick with the sediments that are at the bottom of the tanks, and we will see a change in the color of the water significantly Where you will become cloudy in this case, you will have two options. Either you go inside the tank and collect this water in a small cup and dry it with a piece of sponge.

Or, you open the water faucet at home in order to remove all the turbid water, and you can put a little chlorine inside the tank and wash it well, then open the domestic water faucet and let the water work for a while in order to make sure to get rid of all the unclean water, and then put sterilization and disinfection materials for the tank .

  • The second method, the automatic method:

And through the use of an expert company in the field of cleaning the types of tanks for water, of all kinds and forms.

And in it is the work of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of the tank from the inside, filling it with clean water, and doing maintenance and isolation of the tank from the outside.

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