Types of water pumps for ground tanks and methods of their installation

Types of water pumps differ according to their type, as well as their price and efficiency, and some people resort to them to raise water in the case of living in high floors, as well as in cases of low water quantity, and water pumps are devices designed to transport a quantity of water from a low place such as ground tanks to a place It is high, and this is done by having two directions, one through which water is drawn and the other is the amount of water that is withdrawn. There are many types of water pumps, they differ depending on the material from which they are made. Many are made of metals, but the main goal of the pumps It is moving water from place to place Another.

أنواع مضخات الماء الخاصة بالخزانات الارضية و طرق تركيبها - Types of water tanks for ground tanks and methods of their installation

Types of water pumps

  • There is a type called flexible propulsion pumps where the movement of water occurs through reciprocating movement.
  • Another type is called lateral displacement, and water is transported after being held in a tube.
  • There are speed-dependent pumps, and the water is transported by increasing its speed.
  • And pumps that depend on moving water based on gravity.

The best types of water pumps

The types of water pumps also differ in their forms, depending on their price and the efficiency of raising water through them. They are considered the best types of water pumps for homes:

Type Calpida: It is considered one of the most famous types of pumps in the Arab world, as it is classified from the international Italian brands, and there are different types of Calpeda, for there may be the half-horse type, and the half-horse, and in the case of the half-horse and half-horse, the pump has the ability to Raise water to high floors

Sunman type: It is one of the internationally renowned species, and there are many types that differ according to its ability, as well as according to its efficiency to raise water, and there are types of it that may reach 100 hp, and also there is a warranty guarantee for a full year.

Uem ​​type: It is classified as the best kind of Chinese products, and its advantages are that its price is low compared to other types, as well as its spare parts are available, and it has wide fame in many Arab countries.

Stuart type: It is one of the most types of brands of different sizes, in order to suit different types of homes, as well as to suit different uses, and also its advantages are the availability of its spare parts in any market.

Grundfos type: there are more than one brand, including the Japanese-made brand, and the English-made brand, and it is one of the most preferred types in high floors, as well as from its advantages that its spare parts are available.

Realize Type: It is classified as the best type of water pump that is used in all parts of the world, and it is an American industry, and its advantages are that it has a high capacity to pump large quantities of water, and its low need for maintenance as well as spare parts.

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Methods of installing types of water pumps

Silent type pump: This type is used in the swimming pool, one of its advantages is that it contains a water-cooled unit that works internally, as well as no sound.

Type Salamander: This type of pump maintains water pressure, and it is installed after the water valve.

Leo type pump: One of the advantages of this type of pump is that it raises water to heights of up to 75 meters, and it pumps large quantities of water per minute.

Italian type Pedrollo: preferred to use when pumping water up to 11 meters high.

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