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The Vitra Design Museum is considered one of the most important museums in the field of design, it is the first work of international designer Frank Gehry in Europe, and it is one of the most important museums in the field of design, and it is considered one of the leading museums in the world in this field, and it is owned by the Vitra International Design Company, where the museum is located in Will am Rhein, southern Germany, was completed in 1989.

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History of the Vitra Design Museum

The story of the Vitra Design Museum begins that one night in 1981, a strong thunderbolt occurred which led to a major fire on the Levitra campus and because of this thunderbolt the campus turned into ruins.

After this fire, Vitra gathered a large number of creative architects from around the world, and the company commissioned the architects, to redesign buildings that replace the burnt out ones, including Alvaro Siza and also Zaha Hadid.

The Vitra Design Museum was opened to the public in 1989, right after its completion, and has gained wide acclaim around the world from its opening until now.

The museum’s unusual composition consisted of the unconventional variable body, in which the dynamics of the interconnected sizes exist and give an immediate and lasting impression.

Design Vitra Design Museum

Critic and architectural writer Paul Haier said that the building is from the descriptive side a circular shape that has a link between it and the white forms on the outside of the museum, although each of them shows that it has nothing to do with the other, and despite that, its interior designs have a dynamic interaction Strong, attracting attention, expressing in one way or another the museum’s external interpretations.

The museum has been designed to be a clear transition between smaller design projects and the transition to larger, more aesthetic, Deconstructivist projects.

This museum is really not angular in the strict sense, nor is it curved either but we can consider it a mixture of this unique mixture, in the museum there are intersections between its angles which are inherently shallow throughout the structure of the museum.

The Vitra Design Museum covers an area of ​​743 square meters, although it is a small area to be a museum, but the Vitra Design Museum is considered one of the most important specialized design institutions in the world.

Contents of the Vitra Design Museum

The Vitra Daisen Museum consists of two floors with several exhibition spaces, it consists of several series of exhibition halls, two of which are connected to a dramatic spiral staircase.

On the roof of the museum is a large cross, you can also recreate the fusion of light inside the gallery.

The museum contains a variety of main pieces of furniture, which date back to Vitra CEO Mr. Rolf Wehlbaum, which number about 200 modern and contemporary chairs, and the number of these pieces has increased over the years as the museum has grown to become more than 6000 pieces including chairs and knives , As well as consumer electronics and a lot of modern architectural models.

The museum contains a large collection of cubic and nervous shapes, and also contains a large collection of the most distinguished furniture in the world, as it contains a collection that belongs mostly to the period from the nineteenth century to the modern era and the methods that distinguished it from others.

We see that the Vitra Design Museum belongs in the exterior design to the creative artistic style, in which the architects broke the design rules and followed the principle of “the form that follows the function” as the building structure has been completed, to turn into unexpected engineering shapes unexpected.

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