When do we decide to demolish the old building or restore it?

Restoration of old buildings is one of the most important things that concern many people these days whether they are owners of buildings or residential buildings or civil engineers who are in charge of the restoration process or the decision of demolition. The collapse and fall, and we will show you in this article whenever we decide to demolish or restore the old building.

What is restoration and when do we need it

We have also made it clear that the restoration is an attempt by the owner of the residential building or construction buildings to fix the defects or cracks that have appeared on the building, and the restoration process usually includes the external structure of the building and the amendment of doors, ceiling and windows and reinforcement of insulation materials in either floors or ceilings, and other treatments that It is based on a group of civil engineering specialists.

The civil engineer turns to cracks to decide whether the building actually needs to be restored or not, in order to determine the depth of the crack in the building, which determines the severity of the facility and its need for restoration, and there are a set of defects that the owner of the building sees and then decides the process of restoring the building, and from these The defects are cracks in the elements that carry the building or in the building itself, and this depends on the depth of the crack in the wall or in the interior parts of the building, and in order to perform a restoration process, it must fix what has been corrupted. Where the engineer is trying to discover the reason for the appearance of these errors and the first thing that is seen by the number of loads and the number of floors and compare them with the infrastructure of the house, and to know the reasons for the weakness and palaces of concrete, and the reasons for cracks, so that he will follow a method of restoration that does not contain the deficiencies of last time so that the ceiling returns to His condition is normal, as he makes shirts to the bases and pillars to strengthen them and resolve cracks that appear in them.

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Types of restoration

The first type: is the restoration resulting from the erosion of iron and the appearance of cracks in the building. The second type: is the restoration of the building in order to strengthen it to increase the number of floors of the building.

The third type: is the restoration of old buildings with the aim of renovating them and providing them with the emerging technologies of the buildings, whether residential or service.

The fourth type: is the restoration of the ancient monumental buildings in the countries, in order to preserve the value and the heritage shape and the fear of it extinguishing its splendor.

Therefore, the restoration process of monumental buildings may differ from public buildings in order not to lose the basic purpose of the restoration process, which often includes the material and shape of the building and also its artistic features, where its origin must be preserved as it is an intellectual and cultural content

Defects that lead to restoration

Defects in concrete pillars and wall cracks inside the building, and defects that appear from the residents of the building not maintaining it and not paying attention to the depth of the crack in the walls, it may be the result of neglecting the repair of the building, as it may be due to an increase in the number of floors without referring to a specialist who confirms its usefulness or How harmful it is to the house, and its damage may lead to collapse.

Restoration methods

Before starting the process of restoration and repairs, it is necessary to remove stains and salts that form on the wall as a result of long neglect, in addition to repairing concrete by blocking cracks by a number of methods, including steam treatment, also must be done cracking, self-healing as covered by rubber, and to increase the drilling From below it is resistant to fastening the separate foundations and making them form a continuous foundation by laying a layer to protect the iron from rust, which is an inexpensive method.

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