Where can you get architecture?

Where can you get architecture? – Architecture is one of the oldest disciplines in history, having emerged almost in the 4000 years BC, and is considered the cornerstone of the existence of the Pharaonic civilization, Ionianism, and other ancient civilizations that left a trace in architecture.

What is architecture?

إلى إين يمكن أن تصل الهندسة المعمارية - Where can you get architecture?

Architecture is known as a specialist in buildings and the science of engineering and planning for construction projects, and is the basis for the engineer’s support in building design, sites and implementation. And to protect it, he tended to create some buildings taking into account their development in every stage of his life. Old people lived and worked to build architectural buildings with the foundations available, such as building the ancient Egyptians of the pyramids, which is considered one of the greatest buildings resistant to earthquakes and Heat Despite the limited possibilities that exist today in our time, they are still present and have not been subjected to any damage over time.

After the appearance of technology, its development and its noticeable impact on the world, it has also entered into architecture and its use. The shape and foundation of buildings have changed and evolved and are characterized by modern motifs and drawings.

In all ages and centuries, man raced in every age to leave a building that expresses his era better than his predecessors.

The architectural character of the country also changes in terms of climate, economic and social factors of the population.

Architectural features

Providing security and safety, architecture is based on the construction of buildings and homes that are the most important means of security and safety for citizens, as well as providing work and projects, large or small.

In ancient times, caves and mountains were the means of protection for humans from rain, predators and other risk factors. With the development of times, the use of architecture to protect human beings became an essential role in life.

Because of architecture, human life has become better and finer from its inception. In the old days, there were some obstacles for humans from rivers separating places or mountains covering the landscape. Places they were having difficulty accessing.

Hospitals are built to treat patients, schools for education and places of entertainment.

Human life has become easier and better after using architecture and modern technology for development.

The most important characteristic of architecture is the study of environmental conditions and careful planning of construction operations before they are carried out, in addition to the interest in increasing the aesthetic details of the facilities.

Using architecture, all museums and monuments have been built, whether old or new, this has contributed to tourism and its progress so people from different countries around the world come to see the temples and museums of the country, as well as all the famous tourist attractions in the world have been built by architecture such as (tower Eiffel in Paris_ Big Ben in London).

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Where can you get architecture?

With all the progress in the ages and the emergence of modern technological developments, a huge and great development takes place in the architectural buildings. In the past, man knew only caves, mountains, and plateaux, and with the development of science and capabilities, man knew architecture, art and engineering, which he could use in building his living, recreational and practical needs.

Just as man did not expect in the past that life would be as easy and developed as it is now, man will continue to discover all that is new and developed of modern architectural styles in the future.

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