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Rooms with Double-Height Ceilings INJ ARCHITECTS غرف مزدوجة الأرتفاع: نصائح وأفكار لتصميم ديكور حديث ومذهل الغرف ذات الأسقف المرتفعة

Rooms with Double-Height Ceilings Design and decoration

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How would you pass judgment on a house? By its beauty or its functionality? Yet, over and beyond, space is the factor that can attract any person and the architects as well. Today, the latest architectural trend is creating a double-height living room.Rooms with Double-Height Ceilings adds a lot of excitement to your home. A typical roof measures around 10-12 feet high, but a double-height living room would be twice the standard height. A double-height living room feels more open and spacious. Your living rooms will look substantially broader than ever.

This kind of plan in living rooms gives a practical benefit and an aesthetical look to the rooms. It is a strategy for making spaces and characterizes a focus that captures the attention. A fundamental element is a surface and design plans that give a brilliant roof design.

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