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Riyadh Vista

The “Riyadh View” project is a unique architectural masterpiece that embodies the splendor of design and the balance between cultural identity and modernity in the ...

Esnad Offices Project Riyadh

At INJ Architects, our commitment to blending technical innovation with thorough analysis is exemplified in our latest collaboration with Esnad ...


The term Tourbanity, invented as a new research identity to measure the relationship between tourism, urban planning, and sustainability, is ...
Mansion Design تصميم قصر // الهندسة المعمارية

MFJ Mansion Design

Learn more about the new design called " MFJ Mansion Design | INJ Architects" on INJ Architects in both English and Arabic.
منتجع هارموني فائق الفخامة ultra-luxurious Harmony Resort

Ultra-luxury Harmony Resort

Learn more about the creative design "Ultra-luxury Harmony Resort" on INJ Archtiects' website in both English and Arabic.
جده ارت Jeddah Art

Jeddah Art: A unique two-sided stereoscopic design

Learn more about the design concept of "Jeddah Art: A Unique Two-Sided Stereoscopic Design" at INJ Architects in English and Arabic.
550 Street Design 550 تصميم شارع

550 Street Design

The chosen area is located among the most valuable real estate in the city of Jeddah and at the intersection with Tahlia Street, and what ...
Luxury Architecture and its Impact on Quality and Length of Life العمارة الفاخرة وأثرها على جودة وطول العمر

Luxury Architecture and its Impact on Quality and Length of Life

Architecture has a significant impact on the quality and length of life, it makes us more productive and helps us ...

Jadwa Al-Kahlil Tower

Hijazi architecture has been characterized since ancient times by many important data such as reconfiguring the culture of Rawashin in a new and modern way ...
Methods for Realizing Contemporary Architectural Designs طرق تحقيق التصاميم المعمارية المعاصرة

Villa 200

The design of a modern villa of an area of ​​200 meters in Jeddah, in a modern style. The design of the villa is very ...

AMA Infinity Villa

Architectural design for the Saudi family at a time when most Saudi families focus on the form of one design and one design programming
استدامة مياه المكييف | AC Water Sustainability

AC Water Sustainability

Saudi Arabia, covering approximately 2,150,000 km² with a population of 35 million, grapples with significant environmental and infrastructural challenges exacerbated ...

The Artistic Curl

The Nivola Museum project in Orani represents a unique synthesis of architectural heritage and artistic vision, envisioned by INJ Architects ...

Niebe Arctic Hotel

Architectural design in difficult climatic conditions is very important. The architect pays attention to climatic factors and snow, one of the most difficult design environments.
Art numérique moderne islamique Inj architects

Islamic Modern Digital Art

Islamic decoration chandelier The link between art and architecture is a very important topic because art is an essential part


Provides a layout map for the Hope: Old Hanglas Development Plan. It porovides, botanical Garden, Baywalk Area, Recreational parks, Multi-purpose Areas, and a Mega-

Embrace Nature

A pandemic, which is caused by the change of land-use, deforestation and wildlife trafficking; is the latest evidence that unsustainable human activity is “pushing to ...
INJ ARCHITECTS architecture à Yanbu

Building departments complex in Yanbu

Building departments complex in Yanbu Interior Ministry compound stems, the building houses one of the four major departments of the Ministry of the Interior sectors ...
IMK تجديد قصر التصميم الداخلي

IMK Renovation Palace Interior Design

The interior design of palace projects is a very interesting matter for our architectural team, and we have done a very organized and structural work ...
فيلا NNL

NNL Villa

When you look at the design for the first time, you will think that it is closed, but this is an optical illusion. It is ...

Podgorica Square

Montenegro is a new country in South Eastern Europe, with a long history under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia; it has gained an important economic growth. ...

Project Timeline and Scale

Over a decade of architectural excellence is showcased in this visual journey, highlighting the breadth and depth of our creative achievements from 2009 to the present. The X-axis represents the project timeline, illustrating the evolution and milestones of our firm’s endeavors. The Y-axis depicts the project scale, ranging from intimate designs to grand architectural masterpieces. Together, these axes narrate a story of innovation, sustainability, and visionary architecture, underscoring our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and construction.