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Luxury Architecture and its Impact on Quality and Length of Life العمارة الفاخرة وأثرها على جودة وطول العمر

Luxury Architecture and its Impact on Quality and Length of Life

Architecture has a significant impact on the quality and length of life, it makes us more productive and …

Mansion Design تصميم قصر

MFJ Mansion Design | INJ Architects

CLIENT Privet Mansion DATE 1-5-2023 LOCATION Saudi Arabia TYPE Modern – Minimalism – Organic Water Conservation: A core …

منتجع هارموني فائق الفخامة ultra-luxurious Harmony Resort

Ultra-luxury Harmony Resort

ClientPrivate DATE1-2023LocationSaudi Arabia – Jeddah The ultra-luxury Harouni Resort is one of the most enjoyable places that owners go …

جده ارت Jeddah Art

Jeddah Art: A unique two-sided stereoscopic design

Learn more about the design concept of “Jeddah Art: A Unique Two-Sided Stereoscopic Design” at INJ Architects in English and Arabic.

550 Street Design 550 تصميم شارع

550 Street Design

The chosen area is located among the most valuable real estate in the city of Jeddah and at the intersection with Tahlia Street, and what makes this matter very important is that these properties describe the most luxurious 5-star hotels that receive the most important guests of the city within important international events, and it is located in contact with this street. One of the most popular restaurants in the area and one of the world’s most important cinemas is being built along this important corridor.

Jadwa Al-Kahlil Tower

Client DATE 1-07-2021 Location Saudi Arabia – Makkah Type Modern Parametric Redevelopment of contemporary architectural facades Jadawi Tower …

Methods for Realizing Contemporary Architectural Designs طرق تحقيق التصاميم المعمارية المعاصرة

Villa 200

DESIGN, RESIDENTIAL 200m Villa in Jeddah An architectural proverb is often cited: choosing the right facade and heading …

AMA Infinity Villa

DESIGN, HOUSING, LOCAL CONSULTANT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, RESIDENTIALArchitectural design for the sake of human comfort and the creation of …

استدامة مياه المكييف | AC Water Sustainability

AC Water Sustainability

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an area of approximately 2,150,000 km2 with a household population of approximately …

The Artistic Curl

First, the experience of living inside the museum should evoke the senses in an ethical way. However, the …

Niebe Arctic Hotel

Client Compatiton DATE 9-2021 Location Finland Type Organic Architecture, Climatic Architecture Niebe: Arctic Hotel The Arctic Hotel can …

Art numérique moderne islamique Inj architects

Islamic Modern Digital Art

Client ART DATE 6-2021 Location Museume Type Artistic design, Islamic, geometry, glass sculptures, a logarithmic art form Islamic …


Client Old HANGLAS DATE 6-2021 Location KORIA Type Modern Architectural Planning Provides a layout map for the Hope: …

Embrace Nature

Client WWF DATE 6-2021 Location Italy Type Landscape Design A pandemic, which is caused by the change of …

INJ ARCHITECTS architecture à Yanbu

Building departments complex in Yanbu

GOVERNMENT, INTERIOR DESIGN, LOCAL CONSULTANT, MIXED USE Building departments complex in Yanbu: Building departments complex in Yanbu Interior …

IMK تجديد قصر التصميم الداخلي

IMK Renovation Palace Interior Design

INTERIOR DESIGN, RESIDENTIAL IMK RENOVATION PALACE INTERIOR DESIGN The interior design of palace projects is a very interesting …

فيلا NNL

NNL Villa

RESIDENTIAL NNL VILLA When you look at the design for the first time, you will think that it …

Podgorica Square

COMPETITION, PLANNING Urban Design Square Architecture Competition Republic of Montenegro Montenegro is a new country in South Eastern …

القطع الصخري


PLANNING, RESEARCH Sustainability Architectural Studies and Research According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of sustainability Architectural is “the …

Al-Falak Mosque

COMPETITION, CULTURE, DESIGN Al-Falak Mosque New Mosque near Preston, Lancashire, UK. .فَإِذَا رَكِبُواْ فِى ٱلْفُلْكِ دَعَوُاْ ٱللَّهَ مُخْلِصِينَ …

Beirut reconstruction

COMMERCIAL, COMPETITION, CULTURE, DESIGN, MIXED USE, PLANNING, PUBLIC, RESEARCH Lebanon considers the environment of great political corruption in …

FITT Research and Exhibition Center

COMPETITION, MIXED USE, PUBLIC HISTORY / CONTEXT Architectural Award Winning Project FITT was established in 1960. Italy was …

Mushroom whale

COMPETITION Mushroom whale Port Architectural idea: When looking at the traditional architectural shaps, forms, and blocks; you will …