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Ibrahim Joharji Architects – Leading Sustainable Luxury Architecture in Saudi Arabia

Our team of architects has been designing and researching since 2009, and we take pride in our contributions to the realization of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Conseil saoudien des ingénieurs SCE par INJ ARCHITECTS

INJ Architecture is an award-winning architect team based in Saudi Arabia. They specialize in designing modern and high-end architectural solutions, and provide interior design consultancy services. They offer consultancy and engineering supervision for building construction projects. The team is professionally trained and has an innovative approach to every project, be it commercial or residential. They provide interior and exterior design solutions for residential projects and villas, and also work on commercial projects for the government sector. They take pride in meeting deadlines and customer expectations in every case. Their unique approach to architecture involves utilizing computational design and digital architecture, making their services a form of architectural art.