Architecture Style

Organic Architecture:

Architecture Style : One of the most important goals that make our passion for architecture is “organic architecture” We consider the pioneers of organic architecture in the region also we have cooperation with international names in this field and work on architectural programs keep us in high level, The concept of architectural hand drawing has been over for a long time.

The pen and paper are still used in the architectural design stage but these are the signs of the past centuries, the architecture evolves and functional buildings are important buildings, but the organic architecture remains a fixed and unchanging land marker, so a successful building with a virtual age and sustainability between space and man.

Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji Architects

The first institution in the region to adopt the method of «organic architecture».

The sustainability approach is a fundamental pillar globally, to create a safe and sustainable environment for future generations. One of the methods of modern sustainability, relying on the principles of nature as a philosophical basis for architectural design, focuses on the interdependence between the inner and outer universe on a logical basis that harmonizes with the attributes of nature with its physical phenomena. It is called «organic architecture».

The aim of «organic architecture», which forms an integrated system, to preserve the environment, through the use of environmentally friendly materials, found in furniture and decorations, so that the design seems an integral part of the surrounding environment.

The Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji Architects is one of the leading specialists in «organic architecture» in the Arab region, where its engineering designs and buildings have spread widely recently;

The company is characterized by innovation, providing internal and external architectural design services, and finishing works for residential and commercial units, in addition to the implementation of all the work of space planning and implementation in accordance with the requirements and budget of the client, by focusing on quality in all projects and in accordance with international standards.

The company employs engineers and experts specialized in architecture works; they take care of every detail of the project, relying on the latest architectural progra

The three trends of membership in our time are :

Natural organic :

They advocate understanding of the principles and philosophies of nature for their decomposition and follow their light and are directly related to the function of form or place.

The principles of natural membership are:
seeing the inner space as a dynamic multi-level connected unit; the building internally reflects the life cycle pattern and requirements of its inhabitants;

Design Membership :

It was inspired by living natural forms such as plants, animals and others, or rigid rocks, shells, etc. in their natural or abstract forms, such as in new art and in the works of more modern designers such as Carlo Bugatti and Roger Dean.

Structural structures of plants and animals, unifying all elements of construction as expressive structural features and dispensing with the excess elements in the design and unnecessary structural systems.

Ecological Organic :

It is an eco-friendly organic that aims to take advantage of nature’s components such as : raw materials – resources – energy – lighting, etc. Its components inspired by natural architecture in order to maintain a better life such as:

  1. the green movement.
  2. and its principles are in the design of safe from natural disasters (winds, hurricanes – earthquakes).
    The use of reused materials in implementation, the use of non-toxic materials whenever possible and reliance on user participation.