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Engineering arbitration in international architecture

Since the establishment of our office in 2009, we have taken into consideration the treatment of construction related arbitration issues, as well as commercial arbitration. Our belief is in integrating engineering and judicial work in the interest of customer service. Also, technical arbitration has been the main objective in INJ Architects.

Arbitrage Architecture Services

Our INJ team of arbitrators is highly qualified and experienced with expert knowledge and experience. In fact, the new arbitration services are offered on two levels. So this is the valuable function and complexity of litigation. Click here if you need an international engineering arbitration service.

Our extensive experience in Engineering arbitration with legal issues and legal disputes in engineering projects

We have a group of accredited elites in engineering arbitration and commercial arbitration. In fact, our firm has gained confidence in this field since 2009 after having obtained accredited degrees in International Engineering Arbitration.

Our architectural firm has worked for years to separate the many cases pending in court between the contestants. Also, to obtain justice in disputes arising from construction projects for buildings that need specialized experts in this field.

We have classification certificates from the Saudi Council of Engineers and the International Arbitration Center. In addition, a degree of international commercial arbitration which allows us to provide international architectural arbitration services based on scientific and practical experience.

What is an Engineering arbitration process?

Arbitration is a procedure in which one or more arbitrators submit a dispute upon agreement of the parties. The latter made a binding decision on the dispute. By opting for arbitration, the parties choose to conduct private dispute resolution procedures rather than go to court.

Why is it important in international architecture?

Arbitrators play an essential role in the external settlement of disputes, especially in arbitration. It teaches us what a judgment is, what governs a judgment, and some of the qualifications needed to be a judge. Furthermore, arbitration is a popular form of alternative dispute analysis that is used by many people and companies to resolve disputes instead of taking legal action.

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