INJ Architect office is keen on providing construction project management and Construction Engineering services to clients from all private and governmental sectors. And? even individuals on time. We maintain the level of quality and quality that the INJ office has according to the required specifications within specific costs and resources. 

Construction project management & Construction Engineering


So, the INJ engineers team has Sufficient experience, skills, tools, and techniques to manage projects professionally. In order to achieve the requirements of any project requested by the client. And, follow up the implementation of Construction Engineering projects and monitor their technical and financial requirements. All that with the latest global trends in the field of project management and in accordance with international standards Why PMP?

Our services

Our architectural firm INJ ARCHITECTS is committed to providing engineering and design services to clients from all private and government sectors as well as individuals. Also, our mission is to successfully design a building project from A to Z.

Estimation and costing of the costs of a construction project:

Moreover, we always maintain the good level of quality that we have provided for years. According to the required specifications with, within the limits of costs, specific resources.

Our expertise in construction project management

Our team of engineers INJ ARCHITECTS characterizes by experience, skills, tools, and techniques in the world of architecture. So that our architecture company INJ ARCHITECTS can handle the projects in a professional manner. In order to meet the requirements of any project requested by the client.

Also, our team of architects ensures the implementation of engineering projects. She monitors their technical and financial requirements with the latest global trends. While respecting compliance with international PMP standards in the field of construction project management.s

Gestion de projet de construction & la conception de projet d'un bâtiment bim architecture INJ ARCHITECTS

Construction project management: All about it

There are many construction projects sponsored by our INJ team. So, we present management plans for the projects in the design phase of a building project. And, construction of the range of buildings and housing, road network projects, bridges and tunnels, water and sanitation projects, parks, gardens, and tourist resort projects.

This is one of the most important engineering projects carried out by our team, the architectural design of high-end residential palace models containing details to satisfy different customer requirements and tastes. One of the requirements that the owner wants to fulfill.

Conception de projet d'un bâtiment chez INJarch
Gestion de projet de construction Injarch

Our team carries out an economic feasibility :

Our team carries out an economic feasibility study for the project by calculating the material cost in addition to preparing documents for contracting with clients, including:
  1. Architectural and structural drawings.
  2. Technical Specifications.
  3. Quantity tables and proposals for contract formulas through advisors at the INJ Architects.

The team of our architectural firm INJ ARCHITECTS develops an implementation plan in construction project management while using the appropriate method of project planning. In order to complete the implementation of the architectural project within the specified timeframe agreed in the contract, and to achieve a balance between resources and needs. Also to anticipate future problems that may be encountered during the implementation of the architectural project.