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Construction Project Management

 INJ Architects is dedicated to providing construction project management and construction engineering services to clients from all sectors, both private and public. Our team ensures the level and quality of all architectural projects based on the required specifications. 

Construction project management & Construction Engineering

The INJ Architects team possesses extensive experience, skills, tools, and techniques to manage architectural projects professionally from start to finish, meeting every client’s requirements and desires. We stay updated with the latest global trends in construction engineering and architectural projects, which allows us to effectively address technical and financial requirements and their impacts.

Our services

The INJ Architects team has sponsored many construction projects. Therefore, we provide project management plans at the design stage of a construction project. Those projects include buildings, housing, roads, bridges, tunnels, water and sewage projects, parks, gardens and tourist resort projects.

Estimation and costing of a construction project:

At INJ Architects, we have always been able to provide great level of quality on our architectural projects, proven by our clients’ satisfaction. In fact, we follow their required specifications and desirers, of course, while sticking to the given budget and resources. Therefore, the cost of any construction project is set by the client and agreed upon with our INJ team.

Our expertise of construction project management

This is one of the most important engineering projects implemented by our team, and the architectural design of high-end residential palace models that contain details to satisfy different customer requirements and desires. 


Conception de projet d'un bâtiment chez INJarch
Gestion de projet de construction Injarch
Gestion de projet de construction & la conception de projet d'un bâtiment bim architecture INJ ARCHITECTS

Our team carries out an economic feasibility :

Construction Project Management

At INJ Architects, our Lead Team, led by Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji, excels in managing architectural projects from inception to completion. Our team possesses extensive experience, skills, tools, and techniques necessary to oversee projects professionally, ensuring every client’s requirements and desires are met. We integrate architectural design, construction management, and engineering supervision to provide a seamless service.

Staying Ahead with Global Trends

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our awareness of the latest global trends in construction engineering and architectural projects. This allows us to anticipate technical and financial requirements and their impacts. By staying informed, we ensure our projects meet and exceed industry standards. We use advanced technologies like VR and AR and BIM and CAD to enhance project outcomes.

Client-Centric Approach

INJ Architects prioritizes the client’s vision, maintaining transparent communication and rigorous oversight throughout the project lifecycle. Our professional project management includes detailed planning and implementation within agreed timelines, ensuring high-quality results. For more about our construction project management and engineering arbitration, visit our service pages.