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About Us

Ibrahim Joharji Architects (INJ): Award-Winning Architectural Firm for High-End Modern Design!

About INJ Architects

INJ Architects is an award-winning architectural design firm in Jeddah

Our expertise in architectural design is linked with all the controls of the global engineering code


Our expertise in architectural design is linked with all the controls of the global engineering code

Our Vision of Sustainability

At INJ Architects, we pursue the essence of sustainability, striving to create a harmonious relationship between architecture and the people it serves. From commercial to residential projects, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering and design services. Our goal is to develop original architecture that reflects the social, cultural, physical, and economic context of each project. As a leading Saudi architectural firm, we believe in the transformative power of design to shape communities and enhance the quality of life.

Since 2009, our experience has extended to providing comprehensive architectural design services

INJ Architects ensures that both the exterior and interior of any building are not only attractive but also highly functional.

At INJ Architects, we follow the principle that simplicity makes beauty when it comes to architectural design.

We take also other factors into accounts, such as the surrounding environment and the potential cultural impact of an architectural design project. Because it has to be planned the right way from the start. In some cases, there may be variations in the type of architectural structure that is going to be built. But it is important to follow the relevant architectural and technical regulations and follow them. Otherwise, there may be repercussions in the future.

As we take all the considerations during the architectural design phase into account, we ensure that the services of a consulting engineer can complete the project at a rapid pace with the best delivery time, and the founder’s approach depends on an important rule: quality is more important than quantity.

Furthermore, there are three important elements of successful architectural design. These are the tendency towards simplicity and the strength of unity and mass. After all:

“Simplicity is the dress of perfection.”

Why choose INJ Architects for your architectural design project?

Selecting the right architectural firm is crucial to ensuring quality and professionalism in engineering and design. INJ Architects, based in Jeddah, KSA, stands out with its award-winning expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our team of Saudi architects boasts extensive experience across various facets of the engineering and architecture industries, encompassing both government and private sector projects. Our principal, Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji, has actively participated in global architectural design initiatives, contributing to building planning and interior design. This rich background equips us with the knowledge and skills to deliver outstanding results tailored to your unique needs.

For more details on our services and approach, please visit our services page.

Our Expertise in Architectural Design

Since 2009, INJ Architects has been providing modern architectural design and innovative interior design services, led by our principal, Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji. Our approach is based on meticulous studies of all visual elements and their potential cultural impacts. We ensure the functionality, attractiveness, and efficiency of both interior and exterior designs in all our projects. Our architectural design process involves multiple stages of development, always considering customer preferences, location-specific requirements, and architectural excellence.

Our experience as Saudi Architects:

INJ’s team has gained a lot of experience in the field of architectural design. We ensure that legal matters are handled well; so we follow all regulations and guidelines. Sometimes there may be times when certain structures or construction methods are avoided due to the circumstances.

The location, for example, is not desirable for some Saudi architects to build especially in the case of a narrow lot.

Although some sites present this barrier, our use guarantees the benefit of any site that can be built. Also, we allow you to make the most of the space and the site regardless of the restrictions.

In addition to ensuring the construction of the building taking into account the practical application. As with building materials, we attach great importance to the materials used in the architectural body of the buildingMoreover, we always involve customers to make sure we meet their desires and preferences in the architectural design. Whatever the project is, we strive to use the same approach: creativity and innovation.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our design philosophy at Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji Architects. Each project we undertake is unique, reflecting our commitment to bespoke design solutions that align with our clients’ visions. We avoid repeating past designs, focusing instead on continuous improvement and adaptation. Our process emphasizes potential enhancements and adjustments, ensuring each project exceeds expectations. For more detailed information, please visit our design philosophy, construction project management, engineering arbitration, VR and AR capabilities, BIM and CAD technologies, and interior design. For inquiries, please contact us.

About architectural design by INJ Architects engineering office - saudi architects
About architectural design by INJ Architects engineering office - saudi architects
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