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Ibrahim Joharji Architects Architectural Design Studio We offer modern and elegant architecture. We link our designs with all the controls of the global engineering code, whether in safety or human space, and we pursue the nature of sustainability to create harmony between people and place, whether the project is commercial or residential that offers a large-scale redesign in all disciplines. Engineering.

The Ibrahim Joharji architects team also has the advantage of providing interior design for residential and commercial projects based on studies of the visual identity of commercial establishments or according to the study of the client’s mood and tendency within residential projects and that within many studies and stages of development of the architectural idea of ​​design, which is always subject to the most important factors The client’s taste, location and architectural competence, one of our most important rules is not to allow there to be two similar projects, so when we design a new project it is important to ensure its ability to comply with the customer’s vision and not to repeat any element used in a previous project, while continuing to be able to highlight On potential improvements and adjustments that could be beneficial to the projects.

Not only does Ibrahim Joharji Architects office ensure that the exterior and interior of any building are attractive and functional, but it will also consider other factors such as the surrounding environment and the potential cultural impact of a project that could have if it is not planned in the right way. In some cases, there may be a variation on the type of structure within which specific communities or sites can be built, however it is important to follow the relevant architectural and engineering regulations and follow, otherwise, there may be repercussions in the future.



Ibrahim Joharji Architectural Engineering Consultants understands that in some cases, planning a new building can raise sensitive concerns, so it is important that we take the right approach at the outset. Taking into account every consideration during the design stage, this ensures that the services of a consultant engineer can proceed with the project in a fast pace with the best delivery time, and the founder’s approach depends on two important rules, which is quality is more important than quantity, in addition to that we follow the steps of the project’s architectural example. Little is much. ”The trend towards simplicity and strength of unity and mass are the most important elements of architectural design success
When using the services of an architect, it is important to choose the engineering office that provides quality and professionalism in the field of engineering work.
The Ibrahim Joharji office team has many years of experience in all aspects of the engineering and architectural sectors, through a combination of different projects for the government and private sector, in addition to its participation in the architectural design initiatives around the world, including building planning and interior design. Regardless of the type of building you are considering, our consulting engineers can guarantee your current and future vision to be implemented on the ground. Clients can be confident that they too will receive professional service in every case.
The experience gained by the consultant office of Ibrahim Joharji Architects in this field ensures that the red color is the least tape and the legal affairs to deal with it, as our engineering team ensures that all regulations and guidelines are adhered to, there can be times when some structures or construction methods are avoided due to circumstances. The location, for example, is not desirable for some architects to build on narrow terrain or terrain as this is not desirable. Although there are some sites that present this obstacle, our use guarantees the benefit of any site that can be built on and you can take advantage of the space and the site in the best way regardless of the restrictions. In addition to ensuring the construction of the building taking into account the practical application, as for building materials, we give the materials used great importance in the architectural body of the building and we always involve customers in making sure of their desire and preferences and that regardless of the project, we will strive to use the same approach. Creative every time to ensure that applicable and culturally relevant buildings within the area are distinguished.