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About Us

Ibrahim Joharji Architects (INJ): award-winning architectural agency for high-end modern architectural design!

About INJ Architects engineering office

INJ Architects is an award-winning architectural design studio in Jeddah, KSA. 

We link our architectural design with all the controls of the global engineering code


We purse the nature of sustainability in order to create a strong harmony between architecture and people through architectural design. From commercial to residential projects, we offer a large-scale of engineering and designing services. We aim to create an original architecture that is obtained from its relevant social, cultural, physical, and economic context.

Our expertise in architectural design

Since 2009, INJ Architects provides modern architectural design services and trendy interior design based on accurate studies of all the visuals and elements that contribute to the architectural design and its potential cultural impact. We ensure the functionality, attractiveness, and efficiency of both the interior and exterior designs of all projects. 

Our architectural design process includes numerous studies and stages of development of the architectural design idea. The design methods are always subject to the most important factors; customer taste, location, and architectural competence. 

Additionally, one of our most important rules is innovation and creativity, you wouldn’t be able to spot similar projects. So when we are designing a new project, it is important to ensure its ability to conform to the client’s vision and not to repeat anything used in a previous project.

We make sure of this while continuing to be able to highlight potential improvements and adjustments that could be beneficial to the projects.

Our experience extends since 2009 and now we provide architectural design services.

INJ Architects’ office ensures that the exterior and interior of any building is attractive and functional.

INJ Architects principle: simplicity makes beauty when itt comes to architectural design

We take also other factors into accounts, such as the surrounding environment and the potential cultural impact of an architectural design project. Because it has to be planned the right way from the start. In some cases, there may be variations in the type of architectural structure that is going to be built. But it is important to follow the relevant architectural and technical regulations and follow them. Otherwise, there may be repercussions in the future.

As we take all the considerations during the architectural design phase into account, we ensure that the services of a consulting engineer can complete the project at a rapid pace with the best delivery time, and the founder’s approach depends on an important rule: quality is more important than quantity.

Furthermore, there are three important elements of successful architectural design. These are the tendency towards simplicity and the strength of unity and mass. After all:

“Simplicity is the dress of perfection.”

Why choose INJ Architects for your architectural design project?

When you call on the services of an architect, there are criteria. You have to choose the design office that ensures quality and professionalism in the field of engineering work.

The INJ Saudi Architects team has many years of experience in all aspects of the engineering and architecture industries from diverse projects in the government and private sector. In addition to his participation in architectural design initiatives around the world. Including planning of buildings and interior design.

Our experience as Saudi Architects:

INJ’s team has gained a lot of experience in the field of architectural design. We ensure that legal matters are handled well; so we follow all regulations and guidelines. Sometimes there may be times when certain structures or construction methods are avoided due to the circumstances.

The location, for example, is not desirable for some Saudi architects to build especially in the case of a narrow lot.

Although some sites present this barrier, our use guarantees the benefit of any site that can be built. Also, we allow you to make the most of the space and the site regardless of the restrictions.

In addition to ensuring the construction of the building taking into account the practical application. As with building materials, we attach great importance to the materials used in the architectural body of the buildingMoreover, we always involve customers to make sure we meet their desires and preferences in the architectural design. Whatever the project is, we strive to use the same approach: creativity and innovation.

About architectural design by INJ Architects engineering office - saudi architects
About architectural design by INJ Architects engineering office - saudi architects
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