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Niebe Arctic Hotel

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architecture climatique INJ ARCHITECTS





Organic Architecture, Climatic Architecture

Niebe: Arctic Hotel The Arctic Hotel can be interpreted in many different ways – shelter, getaway, retreat immersed in the Finnish ruska – and it can become anything spanning from a niche destination, for hard-to-please tourists, to a “social” destination, rooted in the concepts of adventure and nature.

architecture climatique INJ ARCHITECTS
architecture climatique INJ ARCHITECTS

+ Niebe is a word that means snow in another language. This represents a beautiful flake that shines brightly and melts when being touched. This is a minimal metaphor that can be represented architecturally.

+ The aurora borealis is also an inspiration within the inteior and program of the hotel. It can be seen in the design of the chandelier and the system that was produced in layout the plan of the hotel.

architecture climatique INJ ARCHITECTS
architecture climatique INJ ARCHITECTS

+ Form Development With the help of Architecture 3d modeling in computational design process, these forms were also came from inclusive research and contextual studies from other hotels. This is to learn the business and system within the program.

The architectural design method that depends on the effect of design on the panorama and how the visitor to this architectural hotel in Finland should enjoy the sky and look from all directions to the sky. From this design is the success of this challenge and meet the requirements of the visitor

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