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Compétition architecture: Chicago Transit Authority | INJ ARCHITECTS

Chicago public transport stations CTA

Chicago public transport stations CTA:

Chicago public transport stations CTA : The main objective of the design of clean energy investment from the movement of people and traveling through the station , and can easily be extracted energy and Gusthaddamha in the station and re – sale of the rest of the electricity to neighboring buildings to provide clean power supply , easy and environmentally friendly Schema foot movement and form of energy , in this scheme will find a concentration of thermal movement and where there is the largest amount of energy that can be extracted and no more than 65 in an area out of the bus The strongest shape to withstand the elements of the climate is the cylinder , and we rely on this form of strongly because it is better to provide protection from the sun , rain and various environmental factors Material and shape We chose a light transparent material high reflectance and heavily influenced by the surrounding environment ,
conception Chicago Transit Authority | INJ ARCHITECTS
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with the development of transparent elements to show the light of the sun is 50 % , and this is easy on the tube and cylindrical spiral as planned ( Candy Alasa ) , known to most Americans Another reason for the type of material : we chose golden color Chrome High- reflection , because the most important monuments in Chicago for a friendly reflection of chromium and all residents and tourists in Chicago to have a nice feeling towards consideration to Algtekas of chromium , such as what is shown , so we chose the same way but in another and is a golden color and this is a matter of emphasis on the most important elements of tourism in Chicago and we are sure it will be accepted from residents and tourists Sale of energy This design will depend on energy investment and we want to provide a strong stock and sell the rest to encourage people to invest in clean energy , that every human being can produce 2 watts of walking this will make Aktar environment interaction and will reduce the cost of the station If Ntrna to the value of the station you will find that it returns the value within 3 years of work, due to the sale of energy to neighboring.
Compétition Chicago Transit Authority
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