• CLIENT: Mr. Rakan

  • DATE: 5-9-2020

  • TYPE : modern

  • LOCATION:Saudi Arabia

Architecture consultant

modern family villa


The modern architectural design of a residential villa with a contemporary architectural style for a modern family north of Jeddah Obhur region, the villa is characterized by a combination of simple architectural design, logarithmic architectural design, mathematical relations, and a mixture of materials and wood in the external facades with the use of columns as a means of architectural diversity, blending between Bauhaus and contemporary architecture with Giving a panoramic view to all corners of the project, and all the areas overlook the waterfall and the mabah in the distinctive and spacious outer courtyard area, the area of ​​the land allocated for construction exceeds 770 square meters and with a northern western view in one of the most important views of the residential villas within the city of Jeddah, the architectural designs were carefully carried out for a family Taking into account the construction costs of the building, as I consider the cost the first and most important element in the design of this project in line with the architectural and construction departments with easy selection of materials and architectural finishes for the villa in order to comply with the total and general cost.
The design of contemporary villas is one of the most important points that the Saudi family is looking for, and this pattern is due to many of the determinants that society passes through by always looking at surrounding non-interacting architectural forms that may make it difficult to leave the circle of traditional architecture that depends on meeting the construction conditions and Municipal conditions instead of going towards developing the architectural design program beyond sulfur cans

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