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INJ Architects Team

At INJ Architects, we aim for artistic, functional, and social goals. Therefore, out team engages in architectural design, planning, interior design, as well as project coordination and implementation. Our INJ Architects team consists of talented and passionate architects and designers. This team has been able to carry out many projects including residential houses, commercial complexes, and industrial buildings.

INJ Architects was founded by architect Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji in 2009 in Jeddah, KSA.

Ibrahim Nawaf JOHARJI fondateur du bureau d’architecture INJarch


B.Sc Arch and M.Sc PMP

As a Saudi architect, architectural designer, and entrepreneur, Ibrahim started practicing architecture in 2009 and currently owns a practicing license with the rank of consultant. He believes in the theory of quality in architecture and always prefers to go towards implementing fewer projects with acquired quality. Ibrahim has a background in working in hotels and jewelry as a basis for family business and commerce, in which he worked as an architectural consultant and director. Ibrahim has also worked on major projects around the world, some of which were award-winning in international architectural competitions. Some of these projects include the Ministry of the Interior, the Border Guard, the Jadawi Company, and the Crown Jewel. Lastly, Ibrahim worked as a consultant with the 2030 project since its inception and served as a member of the Architecture and Design Board of Directors in other Saudi companies and is now an expert on the Design Council of Saudi Arabia.

Dr.Azhar Magrabi

Researcher – Coordinator


Raji Kabazah

Coordinator – Finance


Hasan Abass

STR – ARCH Design Manager


Alla N

Interior Designer –  Coordinator – Architect


Chyn Bila

ARCH – BIM Designers/Architects


Xavie Langgam

ARCH – BIM/Architect


Raymon Omani

Architectural Visual Specialist


Hani Alama

IT – Software Developer


Mohammad Al-Nasser

Site Accountant


Kamal Fateh

Site Supervisor



We follow international engineering indicators and codes in all our projects:

NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture Injarch iso
NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture Injarch
NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture Injarch architectes
NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture Inj architecture
NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture Inj architecture NFPA
NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture Inj architecture beex
NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture Inj architecture CAD/BIM
NOS CODES ET NORMES architecture INJarch architecture