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Esnad Offices Project Riyadh

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At INJ Architects, we pride ourselves on delivering designs that combine technical innovation and in-depth analysis. Our latest project with Esnad Company reflects our excellence in developing architectural ideas and improving the functional and living experience within office buildings.

Developing architectural ideas and design

At the beginning of the project, we focused on understanding and analyzing the company’s needs in terms of space and staffing. Reviewing the company’s history and future growth plans, we developed a design that would accommodate expansion from 300 to 400 employees. This growth requires careful analysis of the flow of movement and interaction within the building, while maintaining a comfortable and stimulating work environment.

Improve movement and flow of employees

One of the big challenges was analyzing and improving the movement of employees within the building. We used advanced simulation models to study traffic flow and ensure easy access and mobility for all employees. We also designed dedicated collaboration and meeting areas to enhance communication and creativity.

Aligning the building with the company’s requirements

In the design phase, we focused on aligning the building with the company’s specific requirements. By studying the work system and analyzing administrative departments, we developed a design that reflects the culture and identity of the company, while taking into account flexibility in the design to adapt to future changes.

The result: an office building that reflects innovation and efficiency

Our in-depth and holistic approach has resulted in a design that combines aesthetics with practical functionality, creating an ideal working environment that enhances productivity and well-being. The Esnad project is an example of INJ Architects’ commitment

In this project, we faced the challenge of developing architectural concepts consistent with the company’s ambition to grow from 300 to 400 employees by 2024, reaching 550 employees by 2025.

One of the biggest challenges in the new Esnad headquarters project was dealing with the fact that the building was rented. This situation required us to balance the client’s requirements with the structural constraints of an existing building. We also had to take into account the diversity of the company’s human team, from ministers to managers and ordinary employees, and how the space could serve all of them effectively and equally.

Mathematical analysis and methodology
To address these challenges, we relied on mathematical analysis and computational methodologies to develop a space use plan that takes into account expected human density. Algorithms were used to determine the best way to plan and distribute spaces in accordance with management requirements and the needs of workers at each job level.

Democracy in design
Our goal was to provide design solutions that recognized the importance of every person in the company, regardless of their job position. The design is geared to enhance efficiency, collaboration and well-being for all, ensuring that every employee, from the minister to the manager to the average employee, feels valued and belongs in the work environment.