• DATE: 1-4-2021

  • TYPE :            Organic Architecture Parametric Design

  • LOCATION:             Italy

Architectural design port

Mushroom whale Port


Architectural idea:
When we look at the traditional architectural shapes and blocks, we find that the components of the urban fabric in Italy are a little unified, and this indicates belonging to the Italian unity and the interconnectedness between the people and the place and the urban prosperity, past and present, that the idea of changing the people of pizza and coffee in a traditional way will be very Sensitivity and audacity, the architectural design that we proposed is a strong approach to organic architecture and development to nature while respecting the architectural culture and development that will reflect this.


The current status of the port

A combination of organic shapes and architecture within a logarithmic equation:
The architectural idea consisted of relationships between nature, living things, place and habitat, elements such as (Italian mushrooms + gigantic whale fish + curves) were placed within a mathematical equation to form the distinctive architectural design, we want to make a person enter the building and feel as if he is entering the body of a huge perching fish On the port, which is considered the most important in Italy, and we have added to our study package the distinctive climate interaction because the air and storms are very important and the direction of the winds is the most important.

Examining environmental interaction with architectural design:
From the first look, you will get the impression that the architectural body of the main building is built emerging from the environment and this is a programmatic matter with the human mind, when you look at 3 huge stems as if an Italian mushroom outside the port, this impression will be made for you, as for the ventilation and the sun, We have made openings for ventilation and the passage of natural air and out of the top in a reference to the ancient Arab culture, you will also find a flow study of two holes from the ground, it is a basic and important purpose which is the passage of air and the flow of the body and as if it were air resistance wings for fast Italian cars. The body We have studied the colors of the urban fabric, and we find that the white metal color is the best, which will welcome the boats from around it and give a clean and elegant impression and will not let the strangeness dominate the place.

Our philosophy in the survey program:
To maintain the economic situation, we preferred to completely demolish Building C and integrate it into the port axis. We have focused on the main axis, as it is a visible investment from afar. We have added an altitude wave and opened communication with the roof and the sky. As for the commercial sector, we want to rebuild and demolish in a more simple way. Focusing on the main part of the planning project and focusing on the basic architectural identity of the area. We have focused on how to make the building attractive to the building and a very beautiful view from a distance.

Beach area and building (D):
The two areas are designed directly to deal with light and environmentally friendly materials, the beach area we decided to raise it slightly from the natural level because we believe that the height provides a distinctive panoramic view of the sea and gives ventilation and attractions more interact with the site because the user experience is the most important in the beach, imagine The individual can enjoy the sand of the beach, and at the top there are restaurants and an area that can be taken care of without compromising the natural idea of using the beach
As for Building (D), if we go back to Italian history and the philosophy of the Italian people and minds, the mental anatomy of the Italian people shows that they tend to go to popular markets and to shop in the dish, this is what we will do. We are thinking of attracting people to shopping in the open air. The popular market

Realism and cost:
We have made our primary goal in architectural design is cost and realism, that cost is a very important element. The survey program can be increased without causing cost problems. The percentage of increase in the cadastral elements did not exceed 21% of the current building area, and the proposed buildings are to be of Environmentally friendly materials and materials from Italian soil

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