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Designed with fine craftsmanship by Ibrahim Joharji Architectural Office, NEOM Cup reflects a unique blend of art and technology. Inspired by the Salmanian style, which has become an icon of architecture in the Riyadh region, the cup combines traditional and modern elements to create a revolutionary design.

The golden base of the cup expresses luxury and sophistication, equipped with an electrical outlet system and a battery to enhance interactivity and modernity. This part of the cup not only offers a unique aesthetic but also provides a sophisticated experience for users.

The upper part of the cup, made of transparent crystal, allows viewers to see what is inside. This interactive part represents the heart of the cup, where changing contents can be displayed that express the essence of NEOM and the five determinants on which the city was built.

The NEOM Cup, which is the first interactive championship cup to date, embodies NEOM’s vision for the future: combining innovation, sustainability, and advanced technology. This cup is not just an award, but rather a masterpiece that expresses NEOM’s commitment to leadership in the field of architecture and design.