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The best ideas for designing a clothes closet

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Laundry room wardrobe ideas should also be hardworking and beautiful,

which is a tricky balance but we’ll show you how to do it right.

Laundry rooms are the backbone of any home that’s lucky enough to make room for one person.

And we say this because not only can you hide all kinds of sins,

you can also turn an ugly pile of dirty laundry into a fresh-smelling load.

But how do you make this serious workspace as beautiful and organized as the rest of the house?

This will be done by choosing the perfect laundry room cabinets to hide the clutter; the laundry cabinet should be as elegant as it is functional.

This ensures that it has everything you need to easily clean your clothes,

and you can also make it practical, stylish and attractive.

Hang hooks on the wall or inside closet doors to hang your shirts and other clothes,

dry and help keep them organized.

Deep open shelves are also a must because they not only provide plenty of storage space for everything you need,

but are also ideal for storing beautiful baskets in which you put your clothes.

These little touches will make it even lovelier, and don’t forget to put a dispenser or two on a shelf to keep the dresser beautifully scented.

From painted cabinets to classic patterns and luxurious finishes to casual designs, here are a few laundry room inspirations to ensure your cabinets are working hard while looking good.

 The best ideas for designing a clothes closet
The best ideas for designing a clothes closet

1. Use clean and simple white cabinets

Simple and sophisticated cabinets, opt for timeless, harmless and classic-looking wood cabinets, to stand the test of time.

These cabinets should also make the most of the available space to create a luxurious laundry room that exemplifies why there’s furniture.

And don’t forget to add extra interest by using decorative handles and making use of the small holes in the wicker baskets.

2. Hide appliances behind double door cabinets

Laundry rooms cabinets help keep your space looking organized and unified, while keeping your white needs lined up.

Many resort to hiding washing machines and dryers inside cupboards that hide the fact that the laundry room is at home.

The cabinet should be wide enough to house hardware and door hinges, making it slightly wider than the size of a single door, but still too small for a double door.

A great way to achieve this is to have a double cabinet door with uneven spacing on the inside to allow more space for appliances than shelving.

 The best ideas for designing a clothes closet
The best ideas for designing a clothes closet

3. Make the most of space with tall cabinets

If space allows for your utility room layout, add some height to your cabinets to increase your storage space and create a seamless floor-to-ceiling look.

Using a lot of pull-out cabinets in the laundry room for larger cleaning items is great.

It makes everything much easier and easier to organize, and don’t forget a tall cabinet for mops and ironing board.

And adjustable shelves can be used in a tall cabinet to allow for this.

4. Try the most daring shapes

Although simple tones can create a calming effect, colorful laundry room cabinets can help add some cheer.

Especially if your laundry room is an area you’ll use every day – or every other day.

As spring approaches, pink and the new season go hand in hand. Plus, it’s a color trend with longevity where we can’t see anyone’s love for a pink fade.

The shades of pink this year are making an adult sensation, as they lost their beautiful representative for elegance and fun.

So don’t limit yourself to your cabinets, try painting your walls with them as well.

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