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Three easy steps to remodeling a space

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Three easy steps to remodeling a space

A change can be beneficial on occasion. There is never a terrible reason to renovate a room in your house, whether it’s to welcome in a new season, to make a place more functional and usable, or you’re just bored. But where do I begin? Jen Chapman, a design expert with the Jones Company, offers her top three suggestions for streamlining the procedure and making space remodeling simple.

Step 1: Select a unifying theme

The options are numerous, but to help focus your search, choose a theme that complements the current architecture in your home.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do something a little different from what you do in the other rooms of your house, but you can make everything look cohesive by using complementary colors and textures that are in the same color family as the colors used elsewhere. Choose a neutral from the same family if the majority of your home’s decor is neutral. Choose a color scheme that highlights the greatest features of the other rooms in your house, whether you favor jewel tones or more intense hues.

Step 2: add accessories.

You may be considering a redesign because you think your room is starting to appear a little dated. However, keep in mind that updated accessories and other design pieces can go a long way toward giving your area a fresh air before you make a major renovation.

What’s best? You don’t have to spend a lot of money. A new throw blanket, set of cushions, or set of lamps may instantly transform the appearance of a room. Find items that reflect the personality you want to project. While classic, discreet accessories will create a classy ambiance, funky, artistic pieces will offer a playful vibe.

Step 3: Think about putting organization first.

Because of all the “stuff” a room possesses, it’s normal to feel annoyed with it. Could the culprit in your room be this?

This can be resolved by making wise organizational decisions. When you have a family to take care of, daily life may quickly become cluttered. To keep everything neat and organized, create places for particular items. Use intriguing design items to create organization without making the space look sterile, such as elegant baskets, old trunks, and well-made cubbies. Sometimes that’s all it takes to give an old area a fresh feel.

We hope that these suggestions will be useful to you as you renovate your area. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t always imply

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