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Design d'intérieur & architecture d'intérieur : design moderne et chic chez INJarch

Best Interior Design Services in Saudi Arabia

Looking for the best interior design consultant in Saudi Arabia? INJ Architects creates high-performance interior environments that represent the corporate cultures, brand identities, and visions of our clients.

We are a skilled team of high-end architects and interior designers who deliver innovative designs for commercial and residential properties. We offer precise attention to detail combined with a deep understanding of the tastes and requirements of our clients.

At INJ Architects, we provide interior design services the traditional way; we always ensure comfort, efficiency and cost while keeping an eye on creativity and innovation.


Villas Interior Design

Our experienced designers provide the best project planning and specialized villa interior design services in Saudi Arabia.

Cafe Interior Design

We help you design a luxurious and spacious cafe where your customers feel comfortable while enjoying their beverages and meals.

Office Interior Design

Our team of Saudi Arabia-based designers helps you create a functional, comfortable, visually appealing, and inviting office space.

Restaurant Interior Design

We offer unique interior design concepts to attract more customers to your restaurant, eateries, fast-food joints, etc.

Hotel Interior Design

Our team of architects and designers provides great hotel interior design services in Saudi Arabia to make your project stunning and welcoming.

SPA Interior Design

We offer high-quality interior designs for spas, beauty centers, and luxury salons. Our team of expert designers has the edge in space planning.

Bedroom Interior Design

We offer the best bedroom interior design services furniture design, wall art, cabinets, flooring, false ceiling, and more in Saudi Arabia

Kitchen Interior Design

A house is incomplete without a kitchen. We offer creative kitchen layouts and lighting designs to create a stunning and sleek kitchen.



We work with a variety of styles classical, mid-century, contemporary, fusion, etc.
Our team of experienced architects and interior designers in Saudi Arabia works with you to understand your space, furniture, and various other requirements.


Visualize your project before you even step in.
Our team creates stunning interior concepts in 3D, using the state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with a realistic feel of what your completed project would look like.


From stunning wardrobes to fabulous false ceilings; from luxurious sofas to glamorous kitchens, we design and execute high-quality interiors to perfection.
Our highly skilled craftsmen help you transform your dreams into reality.
For more information, please Contact Us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.