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Three inventive retail interiors examples

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Three inventive retail interiors examples ثلاثة أمثلة مبتكرة للتصميمات الداخلية للبيع بالتجزئة

The Sill

The Sill, which began as an online provider of plant deliveries, has launched physical facilities, one of which is just a short distance from my Chicago home. Even though I wouldn’t describe myself as a gardener, I like going to The Sill because, well, the store is made to make me feel like I can take care of a plant. (I’m certain that was done on purpose.)

The Sill - retail interiors
The Sill – retail interiors

The Chicago location is light and airy and everything I’d want my plant-filled apartment to be. Though I can’t speak for the NYC locations. The Sill’s greenhouse-like aisles are organized to make it easy for both novice and experienced gardeners to navigate.

Moreover, the extra shelves, signs, and decorations all enhance the experience. The Sill’s shop layout ensures that, whether or not you buy a plant, you’ll at least leave with a picture.

Outdoor Voices

Popular sporting apparel retailer Outdoor Voices is a Shopify client (and one the best places to shop for workout clothes). OV is a fantastic illustration of several key strategies I covered in this article, like making eye-catching displays for user-generated content, providing lots of room to browse, highlighting the neighborhood, and utilizing color to draw consumers in and direct them through your store. ​​

Outdoor Voices - retail interiors
Outdoor Voices – retail interiors

The above image shows a changing room that also functions as a gym locker room and adds an intriguing yet understated nod to the theme and the OV Chicago store: a retro high school gym class. Additionally, we can move the furniture out of the way for events and seminars that Outdoor Voices holds at the shop.

Outdoor Voices - retail interiors
Outdoor Voices – retail interiors

A historic water fountain that has been painted Chicago Bulls orange is the main decoration in the photo above from OV’s Chicago store. What’s best? Real consumers and those who enroll in the stores’ workout classes use it, proving that it is effective.


German-based Wildling is a shoe brand that uses Shopify. The company, which began as an online retailer, decided to open showrooms to attract more customers and more effectively explain the practical advantages of its shoes.

With a focus on its shoes and plenty of room for customers to browse and try on items; Wildling chose a simple style for the interior design of its store. This is significant since the company enables buyers to try on shoes and order them for home delivery.

Wildling - retail interiors
Wildling – retail interiors

Additionally, you can see how they use checkout displays to draw in customers and persuade them to make larger purchases.

Wildling - retail interiors
Wildling – retail interiors

Continuing with your retail design and shop layout

Your store design process never ends. To build a resonant consumer journey and experience, you might always be altering up, tweaking, adding, or taking away due to continually shifting design trends. But ultimately, it’s the client journey that you should pay attention to.

Moreover, to explore where your retail design leads you, take a stroll inside your store. Ask your coworkers, friends, or family to follow suit and provide you with their honest opinions. Watch your customers discover what draws them in, what they steer clear of, and how they follow your intended path. Take note of how customers react to your fresh graphics, product displays, power wall, and signage.


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