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Tips For Interior Design. Make The Ideal Interior/Exterior Living Area

Interior Design التصميم الداخلي

Tips For Interior Design. Make The Ideal Interior/Exterior Living Area

Room with a Roof Down

Any outside area could be converted into an additional room. A cozy place to get some vitamin D is on a tiny balcony. Simple additions include a few floor cushions, some plants, and a good book. Consider larger areas in the same way that you would your living area. The era of white plastic and shaky beach chairs is over. There are several possibilities for outdoor furniture; instead, use your imagination with some colored pencils and a soft chair.

A beautiful selection of waterproof textiles from Designers Guild provides texture and design to seats and cushions. Additionally, it is also beautiful enough to use indoors. A fun feature that can be taken indoors in the winter is hanging chairs. Light the brazier and curl up with a thick blanket on chilly nights. Add a couple of plush, cozy couches, and don’t forget to light a citronella candle to ward off insects.

Faux Flowers and Indoor Gardens

Any time of year, a connection to the outdoors is pleasant since it brings a genuine sense of tranquility to our inside living area. The popularity of botanicals is still on the rise. The greatest is always real. But for those of us with less green thumbs, there are some truly lovely fake flowers and plants. No matter how neglected, these will continue to be green and will breathe life into a gloomy area.

Inspiration for International Design

Vacation spots are a terrific place to find design ideas. Consider the beach bars on the Balearic Islands with rustic furniture and grass umbrellas. A straightforward rattan mat or lampshade will bring back memories of outdoor living and convey your narrative. Some terracotta tableware can give your meal a Spanish flavor. Other materials that are frequently used outside, such as a zinc-topped table or a coat hook made of wrought iron, will add a subtle touch.

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