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Contemporary styles in luxury design

Contemporary styles in luxury design

There has never been a furniture style as versatile and innovative as contemporary interior design.

Contemporary interior design is designed to always be up-to-date and bring constant innovation.

Today’s homes are not as fixed and immovable as they used to be.

Our parents and grandparents bought their furniture thinking that it would last for the rest of their lives.

They had no idea that the house was constantly being redesigned.

Once you go through the main features of this style, you will fall in love with its unique, cool, sophisticated and unmistakable features.

Contemporary styles in luxury design

Less hoarding and more simplicity

What is more beautiful and wonderful than going back to basics? Hoarding is not synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

Typically, hoarding is associated with confusion and disorder, and this concept is not entirely wrong.

However, rules are rules in interior design, whatever style you choose, the harmony between the parts should always come first,

In order not to create a feeling of confusion in anyone looking at the room, it is very difficult to create harmony in a room that is very cluttered and full of things.

Art comes to your home

Another distinctive feature of contemporary interior design is the attention to wall decorations, and in this case too, less is more, and quality is always central.

The resulting visual effect will be of large, completely blank walls, perhaps in a neutral palette,

With one bolder element in the middle, inspired by contemporary trends.

For example, a contemporary art painting with an abstract theme would be perfect to decorate the wall behind your living room sofa.

Or, instead of an actual painting, you can choose a print or photograph of a landscape or urban setting,

The important thing is that the item is unique, impressive and of high quality.

If you love art and stylish options, this aspect of contemporary interior design will help you unleash your creativity and passion,

By choosing one high-quality item.

Contemporary styles in luxury design

Functional and elegant

The combination of simple design and large spaces means functionality.

To understand this concept, try to think, for example, of your bedroom.

The place of rest and tranquility must necessarily be comfortable and practical.

And free of excessive furniture or “obstacles” to sleep.

To provide a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, it is necessary to move comfortably and freely,

To lighten the composition as much as possible (with some decorations featuring simple themes,

Avoid excessive knick-knacks or other non-functional objects) thus favoring compact and basic furnishings, creating a clear and bright palette.

More attention to nature and sustainability

Interior design – like many other aspects of our life – cannot ignore sustainable and environmental aspects.

Contemporary design pays homage to this theme, by opting for wild nature in its fabrics – as well as in its furniture accessories.

This natural aspect is re-enacted on curtains and pillows.

In some cases, wallpaper (to be used on one wall only, in a targeted and harmonious way).

Foliage, forests and tropical flowers will serve as the backdrop to some corners of your home, giving it a natural and subtle touch, even in urban contexts.

Contemporary styles in luxury design

Contemporary interior design: endless possibilities for customization

Finally, we would like to reveal to you the aspect that will make contemporary interior design your style: customization.

Such a versatile style, always ready to welcome new ideas,

He embraces any type of personality, thanks to his nature. It’s constantly evolving, and can help you customize your home more easily.

In this style, anyone can find the perfect furniture for their home, while maintaining their own taste and personality.

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